RankMath WordPress SEO plugin Review; Best SEO Plugin Aside YOAST

RankMath WordPress SEO plugin Review.

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Hey, do you own a wordpress site and you want to rank high on google (Search Engine Result Pages) SERP?

If  yes this is meant for you.

Today I will be writing RankMath WordPress SEO plugin Review and its overall features.

I do believe that by the end of this I’m sure you will really love using rankmath wordpress plugin.

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  • so I suppose you are here for the obvious so, let us get started?

Have you heard about a wordpress seo plugin called rankmath?

If you haven’t or you have heard about them and you don’t really know how the tool works then you need not worry because in this article, I’m going to tell you about this software and how to get ahead of your competitors with the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin.

Digging deep…

As bloggers and online influencers, we all know that getting to the top of the search engine especially Google, Bing and Yahoo have been the problem a lot of blogger do encounter out there almost every hour of their blogging journey, but what if there is a simple solution to this problem won’t you get over all these shit?

I know everyone would say yes to this because backlinks are not enough to get higher ranking on google SERP and this was since the last Google alogrithim changed.

That’s why a plugin like the RankMath is created for wordpress site owners.


Now our detailed RankMath WordPress SEO plugin Review…

  • What the heck is RankMath WordPress SEO plugin?

This plugin is develop mainly to help wordpress site owners to get advantage in search engineresults and also give website owners an edge over their Competitors so this is why I’m writing about this software so that everyone can use and benefit from this awesome plugin

Before I got to know rankmath wordpress SEO plugin, I was using yaost SEO plugin (though yoast plugin is good as well but because every tools come with their own advantage so I’m not writing to negate it’s features)

But immediately I switch to RankMath wordpress SEO plugin, I realized some changes in ranking which brought me more visitors from Google search engine as I was able to rank above my immediate competitors.

In this light, I decided to learn and master how to use this plugin and it’s also learn the ropes of its navigation.

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You might jump out of your skin with the new features of the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin but just take a seat and read on to see all the outstanding features.

RankMath wordpress SEO plugin review; features

This is the main side to the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin you have to know and be a professional with. These are the said features that makes it stand out from the crowd when speaking of SEO plugins in wordpress…

  • Keyword density
  • Focus keyword in meta description
  • Lenght of words
  • URL characters long
  • Keyword in subheadings
  • Keyword in image attributes
  • Linking to external resources
  • Innbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Negative or positive sentiment
  • Power words (Not in yoast plugin)
  • Numbers in SEO title (Not in yoast plugin)
  • Table of content (Not in yoast plugin)
  • Snippet winning (Not in yoast plugin)
  • Rich snippet (special feature of Rank math)

And a lot more

With the little I’ve listed about there features let’s look at a little explanation about these features so that you can know why the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin is better than other wordpress SEO plugins.

  • Keyword density

Keyword density refers to the percentage of time that a keyword or a phrase appears on a web page or a content.

This really helps search engine to know if your page is relevant to the keyword you used. Rank math helps you to know how many percentage you’ve for ranking with your keyword density

  • Focus keyword in meta description

In SEO, the meta description you are using for your content must contain your keyword.

With RankMath wordpress SEO plugin, I would say you don’t need to write anything for your keyword in meta description because they will place the right meta descriptions that ought to be in meta description by itself.

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This is the reason why RankMath wordpress SEO plugin is an excellent plugin for SEO.

With RankMath wordpress SEO plugin you don’t need to worry about meta descriptions and meta tags.

  • Length of words

Length of words is a key determinant for your ranking in SERP because as Google update their algorithms, they have included word length to their major ranking factor.

If you write more then your competitors then you have high chances of ranking than them with RankMath wordpress SEO plugin, they will give you some number of words and their possible ranking percentage

  • URL character long

As we’ve all known, this is also one of the SEO ranking factor as far as Google and other search engines are concerned, so the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin will help you in determining how long this character could be.

Maybe it’s okay or not you will be notified by the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin.

  • Keyword in subheadings

Google bot and other search engine bots check this in order for you to gain more ranking advantage on SERP.

RankMath wordpress SEO plugin will help you to know if you have inserted enough keywords in your subheadings or not.

  • Keyword in-image attributes

This make your image for come out in SERP for image searches and the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin is the best SEO plugin to help you in doing this so as to get more click for image on Google.

  • Linking to external resources

If you’re linking to external resources on your website you’re helping Google to get to know about those sites easier so with the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin, you will be told if you should or should not look out to external resources so as to help your ranking.

  • Inbound links

These are your post links that you place in your new contents in other for your visitors to navigate your site and make them know about your other content more easier, because this is making your site easier for your visitors this would also help you to have higher ranking on search engine result pages (SERPS).

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  • Outbound links

These are links you put on your website in order to alert your visitors and Google bot to know about what you’re writing about.

Since you’re giving them these links, it would help you to rank better on search results.

  • Power words

In case you don’t know…

Power words are attractive words you use for your post title in order for you to get more click and peoples attention to your websites.

You can read more about power words on Google.com.

This plugin tells you if you have one on your post title or not.

  • Snippet winning

RankMath wordpress SEO plugin helps you to win snippet on Google even when you don’t worth it (This could be a little bit of blackhat SEO).

  • Rich snippet

This feature is a special one from this company. It’s one of their latest updates.

What this does is that it helps your product or article to rank on Google (It’s also like winning snippet but more powerful than winning just a snippet) even when you’re not winning the first position on SERP.

No matter your nice this helps your product to be known by Google and people that are searching for things you do or what services you do offer.

Now, I bet you might be asking how to install the RankMath wordpress SEO plugin in your wordpress website as a beginner.

Well below we have the guide to that.

  • How to install this plugin on your wordpress site?

This is so easy all you have to do is just to go to your wordpress dashboard and click on the plugin on the left side bar and then click on add new then search for RankMath wordpress SEO plugin then you will see the plugin and that’s all about getting the plugin.

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Wrapping up ( RankMath WordPress SEO plugin Review )

RankMath wordpress SEO plugin is the only SEO plugin I do recommend to people because it has helped me in ranking better on Google and also drive more organic traffic to my website and increased my earnings through affiliates and display Ads too.

You can also try it out if you are not tired of generating more visitors to your website.

This is a guest post submitted by Omotunde Akintoye.

He is a passionate writer about motivational, inspirational, entertainment and so on.

He is the owner of Herkinsgist.com where he showcase his writing skills and campusmusics.com.ng where he show his talent as it concerns entertainment by publishing the upcoming artists in Nigeria.

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