fotocash refer and earn; The Truth in Earning #50K Monthly

Fotocash Refer And Earn review and detailed guide.

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It is a fact well known to you as our dedicated reader that we do not affiliate with these Peer to Peer get paid to do stuffs online in Nigeria such as the NNU, Newspay, HIWAP, and definitely not Fotocash, and as such, we do believe you trust our reviews concerning these platforms as we do not always try to get you to register and fetch us some side income.

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Services such as the Capterra online review, G2Crowd reviews and Blogexpose that we have reviewed here were tried, tested and confirmed by our readers (Some of them though) and their reviews wasn’t anything far from what we said here.

To be plain here, I have been served several Google Adsense Ads recently about the Fotocash get paid to upload your photo platform and I have never been too skeptical to check things out, and sure I did.

Note: I am not here to sell you reviews that will make you rush into joining this platform and start making money with them, but I wish to write a deep critical review to help you understand if this is worth your investment and time.

Now I heard you can make over #50,000 monthly on Fotocash Refer And Earn without efforts and I wished to ask, how possible is this. Quite frankly, this was the side of the Fotocash Fotocash Refer And Earn Income Program that aroused my keen interest.

Some websites have also stated fully and authoritatively with their reviews that one can make #50,000 monthly by uploading their photos online, just as you always did on Facebook.

Below are the quotes;

Fotocash Refer And Earn
Credit: Google
Fotocash Refer And Earn
Credit: Google
Fotocash Refer And Earn
Credit: Google
Fotocash Refer And Earn
Credit: Google

I hate to break it to you that these websites only needs you to get registered and bank them small referral bonus and off you go to find out the truth and you will eventually scam someone else t have your cash back.

Let us walk you through what the Fotocash Refer And Earn  Income Program is all about so you will not go along to make mistakes while using it.

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  • What the heck is Fotocash Refer And Earn Income Program?

The Fotocash Refer And Earn Income Program is another graduated scam in Nigeria, developed by someone with the intention of getting people paid when they upload their photos online on the platform.

I mean what the heck is that?

Just recently, I received a comment in my website about the Stackagents get paid to watch videos online in Nigeria platform which got shutdown as soon as the got an amount of money they needed from the registrants.

Although I never endorsed this company as I served myself a disclaimer when I reviewed them and so did I when I reviewed the HIWAP, NNU, and a host of several others.

Images they say is a good way to convey messages to people more than words do and this is why most blog posts are moving into info-graphics recently, but that notwithstanding, is not enough reason to open up a platform that is aimed at paying you when you upload a photo.

Thats a dumb idea.

  • So, for starters, let us understand how the Fotocash Refer And Earn Program works

Here, you get to upload your photo online for just for a registration fee of #1,200 then you will be given a bonus on 5,000 Fotocash Refer And Earn Program points to enable you get motivated to make more money using this platform.

But let us not get this confused, the 5,000 points is just as equivalent to #0.50. That is less than 500% lower than the initial deposit.

So, lets get going.

They also have a system that will enable you earn even more and also a minimum withdrawal of #1,000 which is equivalent to 100,000 Fotocash Refer And Earn Program points.

Isn’t that awesome?

Most good earnings on the Fotocash Refer And Earn Program is based on referral and here you will earn a maximum of;

  • 42% of your own direct referral (#500)
  • 17% of your indirect referral (#200)

The Fotocash Income Program system is designed so much so that you might even forget what you are earning as a participant and also they have several streams of referral programs which works by layer and steps.

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  • Level 1
  • Level 2 and so on…

Now, lets look at how you get to earn some good income using the Fotocash Refer And Earn Program

  • View photo / post = 50 point
  • Comment on post = 10 point
  • Upload photo / post = 200 point
  • Daily membership Login = 100 point
  • Viral share post daily = 500 point
  • Welcome bonus = 5000 point

But then, lets do a little math here;

  • For every single day login for 30 days = 3,000 points
  • If you left at least 3,000 comments on posts in one month you will earn = 30,000 points
  • If you share up to 10 viral posts in one month (Maybe less) you earn = 5,000 points
  • If you view 5,000 photos in a month you will earn = 25,000 points
  • If you login 30 times in a month you will earn = 3,000 points
  • If you upload 1,000 photos in a month you will earn = 100,000 points (Which may be impossible unless you wanted to turn into a studio)

Overall earnings for a month = 166,000 points (Lesser than #1,700) for a month.

Isn’t that wonderful?

The Fotocash Refer And Earn Program do by the way have a minimum withdrawal of #1,000 which is exactly what you will have to earn in a full month without referrals.

So I do hope you and I now see where they focus their minds and what they needed you to do so as to earn money with them.

I know I should not include this step but I will, just so it concerns anyone reading this post.

  • How to get registered on the Fotocash Refer And Earn Program?

Fotocash Refer And Earn earning opportunity is not free to join, so you will need to have a little cash before you join up with this platform.

You only need to verify your account by paying your membership token of ₦1,200 in order to get access to what they did claim was the benefits you get when you join with them.

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You can make payment online and get your account verified instantly and start earning immediately or contact our e-pin distributors to purchase e-pin for verification through whatsapp.

You can find more details in their official website; 

When you are done getting yourself registered, I guess you might need the following truth and expert guide to make good income from the Fotocash Income Program

How to earn more with Fotocash Refer And Earn Program?

  • Refer people

Make sure you get enough number of direct referrals so you could earn a reasonable amount of money in due course.

As stated earlier, the reward for a single direct referral is #500 so you must try as much as possible to convince your friends to get registered, at least 20 registrations in a month will fetch you #10,000.

Of course it is too poor but you cannot leave the table for nothing.

Can you?

  • Make sure you ask your down-lines to invite more people

Of course #200 per referral is too poor but that can be a good income stream if it comes in a large quantity.

Try educating your down-lines on the importance of referring people and not just reading messages and sharing sponsored posts, by so doing you will get to make more money as their direct referrer.

Do not waste your time sharing posts and reading news or uploading your photo as this will do you no good.

Am sorry but just the above two are what you need do to make money with Fotocash Refer And Earn Program.

  • Someone might be asking if Fotocash Refer And Earn Program is legit.

Truth is this, from all persons who wrote this review online and claimed the Fotocash Refer And Earn Program pays up to #50,000 monthly, I only got to see one screen-shot from them which was not even up to #2,000 from the specific payments received and not up to #8,000 for all payments combined.


I this light, I will never vouch for the Fotocash Refer And Earn Program as being legit as we do not know their next line of action to their members, maybe they will shutdown sooner just as stackagents did without any logical reason.

Which most effectively proves it to be a scam.

If you needed to make money online, I mean above $25-$100-$250 in two weeks or more, please do read my review of the following;

In my experience with make money online, I have came to find out that there is a red flag to look out for on any get paid to website to mark them as inconsistent and non trustworthy and probably a scam which is;

  • Using Google Adsense to monetize their get paid to website or any other Ads
  • Advertising the get paid to platform on Google Adsense

Take a look at;

  • NNU
  • Newspay
  • Fotocash
  • Nairapp
  • StudentNaija and many others and find out one thing common to them all (They use Ads to monetize their websites)

This is one of the reasons they do wish you to come and partake by sharing your comments, reading posts and also staying on the website to reduce the bounce rate, and maybe also make them money through display advertising.

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Take a look at;

  • Gartner peer insight website
  • Sitejabber
  • MouthShut
  • Capterra
  • G2Crowd

And see they are not monetized by Google Adsense As or any related Ads.

They also move to advertise on Google Adsense for a quick push in members so they will generate enough direct cash and close down the platform whenever they wished to do so.

When last did you see the NNU income program get advertised on Google Adsense Ads again?

Guess a long time ago.

  • My verdict

Try as much as you can to stay away from these refer and get paid programs in Nigeria as we all know how it is going to end and that will be badly.

Get yourself a business doing and make money in a legit way and save yourself the scam with these get paid to websites in Nigeria as none of them is real but fake.

You will get to see that at some point.

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