BlogExpose Review; Get Paid for Writing Reviews in Your Website

BlogExpose Review; my detailed insight.

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You can actually make money through your website by just simply writing articles like you usually do.

Believe me, I am not talking about using Ad networks, or making use of affiliate marketing but I am speaking strictly about making use of sponsored posts in your website to make money.

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I feel like a broken glass saying this.


When I say sponsored posts, I mean you will get paid by companies or people around the web ti host their contents in your website where you get to write the review of the products they will need you to write about by yourself as you will not get the privilege of having the content already written then you just take care of the publication.

Of course that is why they pay up to $20+ per article you landed in your website.

But this time in a little different way.

If you really wanted to make money on your website through these services and writing reviews for companies and also people, then you will be as ready as ever to forfeit everything else in your website and focus on giving the BlogExpose platform your best.

This will also cause a breech in the freedom of writing as you may not or even never get to write about what you wanted to write about anytime sooner or anytime in the future.

But considering the fact that it pays the bills, what else could you need?

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HEY! Signup on BlogExpose using this link and get Extra $20+ on every new job.

Here we mean business for BlogExpose Review.

I am sorry to get you all enticed by the intro to this article but truth is; What has ever been easy?

I was able to make over $180 in just 10 days working as a review writer and that was not as easy too though.

So lets get down to the business of today.

  • What the heck is BlogExpose ( BlogExpose Review )?

Let me not mix words here.

By the simple description of the name of this platform, you could deduce that BlogExpose is a platform that helps you get your blog exposed to the entire public and help you stand a chance to be seen by many advertisers and publishers who are looking for how to drive traffic to their websites and also those looking for how to make money with their websites.

This could be the first time you’re learning about the BlogExpose but I can assure you that you are in safe hands.

Now you might be wondering what you will be needing the BlogExpose platform for as a blogger.

Well, I will be happy to delight you.

As a blogger, you might be looking for a way to get your reviews and products reviews on target websites like Huffpost, Nerdwallet, Thepennyhoarder and a host of several others but this might be a very tough game to play if you went directly to them in their contact email.

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Now this is where the BlogExpose platform comes into play.

We all know the quality of these above stated websites and the traffic they do amass and as such we would want a little of that traffic to our own websites or products and this is why BlogExpose serve as the middleman between we and these websites for mutual businesses.

And of course at a cheaper rate than what we get if we went directly.

If you also need to make money from your website, you can do so through the services of BlogExpose when you register as a publisher and take up reviews from these advertisers and get paid $20+ for each review you completed in your website.

Now, I suppose this is where the BlogExpose really got interesting.

So who needs to make use of the BlogExpose platform?

  • First, web traffic seekers and product developers

If you are a product developer and needed a place to advertise your product for a cheap price and have it there permanently, then BlogExpose is your catch.

With this platform, you can get your product, service or online jobs i the face of prospective buyers and what can convert best for you in any part of the world and you get to target the said websites premium audience and make the most from them.

Signup here and get your product in the fore front of prospects.

  • Second, publishers seeking to make money writing reviews on BlogExpose

So you have been making use of the Google Adsense program and you have not been making money, other Ad networks have been too messy currently and also mistreating you in a way you do not like.

Why not change your game a little and see the money flow in?

I have always been of the opinion that making money from your website should be more about what you can give than what gives you.

In this effect, you can take into advantage the BlogExpose platform to monetize your website.

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  • After getting registered in the BlogExpose platform, you will get to add your website and wait to get approved.
  • When you do, apply for jobs and wait to get contacted for jobs by companies or people who see fit to advertise on your website.
  • When you land your first advertiser, be sure to treat them well so as to hope for more and better jobs and also creating a lasting relationship with him.

This will make you at least $20 for your first review.

If you happened to have a good website, you can get to write up to 20 reviews in a month and now the question is no longer if you can make money through your website but…

How much do you wish to make monthly?

You see, this wasn’t from Adsense or any Ad network at that.

  • But, how much can you really make using the BlogExpose platform

You can get to make as much as you wish and of course as much as you worked fr as nothing comes that easy in reality.

You have to work and work to be able to amass good earnings on the BlogExpose platform but in truth, it will be worth your time anyhow you looked at it.

But you cannot just apply for BlogExpose and start making money, there is a catch.

No one even you would love to advertise on a website that looks somewhat shabby so here below is what you will need before applying on BlogExpose platform.

  • A good looking website with a mobile responsive theme
  • A good content strategy
  • At least three professional reviews written before application (Contact me for this if you needed it)
  • An Alexa rank of at least 2,500,000
  • A strong SEO setup for your website
  • No broken links
  • High quality links to your website
  • At least 100 visitors daily

HEY! Signup on BlogExpose using this link and get Extra $20+ on every new job.

Do you think after reading the above you still qualify for the BlogExpose platform?

Then waste no more time and get signed up to get started.

  • My verdict on BlogExpose ( BlogExpose Review )

I have been making money online for a ling time now and I can boldly tell you that whatever I say here is not to be matched anywhere else as I do make sure I make use of every service I review here to be able to bring an unmatched and unequivocal conclusions about them and not to hurt your read or trick you into what doesn’t work.

I do recommend BlogExpose for anyone who wished to earn side income with their website and stay free from Ads issues.

In this view, I have been able to squeeze out a couple dollar from the BlogExpose and you can too.

So go ahead and register to make money with your website.

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