Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool; Best Way to Know Your Adsense Status

Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool.

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Believe me, many websites and online influencer’s still believe that Google Adsense is the best way to make money from a website and this is without any doubt an unequivocal truth but they could be wrong sometimes.


The difficulty with which Google Adsense team make people pass through before getting them approved for Adsense is quite alarming and most times, many applicants gets rejected after their applications have been reviewed by the Google Adsense team.

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This have made several people search around to know if there was a way they could actually know the status of their website when it comes to Adsense approval even before they actually applied for the Google Adsense program.

This way, they will keep abreast of the fact that they may be approved or disapproved even if they happened to apply for the Adsense program.

Funny thing is…

Most times, Google Adsense team will never disclose to you why they rejected your application but can only say that your website did not comply with their program policy.

Most times, you will be told what to do and what not to do to get approved but this is basically on rare cases when they actually see that your website is actually eligible to be approved but they found a little issue that needed to be addressed.

You should know that there are many reasons why Google Adsense team will reject your application and these reasons ranged from;

  • Your website layout
  • Your website content
  • Your website pages
  • Quality of content
  • Your website traffic

Now all these above mentioned are not even considered when talking about Google Adsense approval as I am going to be plain with you here;

No one knows exactly what the Google Adsense team consider while getting websites approved for the Adsense program.

I once wrote about how to make money through Adsense through self clicking but this is not going to be one of them as we will want to focus on getting Google Adsense approval here.

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The truth is;

The title of this article might be a little misleading as the whole article does not discuss how to or the tools to check Google Adsense approval but it has to do with something more than that which is how to get you approved for Adsense.

Actually, there is not real tool to check Google Adsense approval status ( Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool ) but you can find out if you are eligible by yourself in the series of ways we will discuss below.

Now I suppose you might be asking how the hell did I come up with this idea?

Well, I titled this article Adsense eligibility checker tool because I had some issues went down in a long time and I decided to tell you how to get Google Adsense approval ethically.

  • What happened to me a few months ago ( Google Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool )

I worked on a website that I own and wanted to get it approved for Adsense and this was a website I needed to succeed my principal niche website and I was surprised at what the result was.

I always heard that you will need to have a TLD (Top level domain) a .com,, .net or even .org domain to get approved but this was not true as my findings totally went ahead to disapprove this notion.

I got Google Adsense approval with only two articles to my website and with no standard privacy policy page, contact us page and also about us page and not up to 100 organic traffic daily and the mos interesting part of the story is that I got approved without any social signals, backlinks or anything of such sought.

Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool
First Article before approval
Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool
Second article before approval

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I had an alexa rank of over 17,000,000 and I got approved for Adsense program.

Funny thing is, this is the first application I ever made with the website because I needed to prove my point to you while writing.

Now the question is, how did this happen?

I used the Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool that I developed for myself.

Actually, I do not know how this happened truthfully but I can only say that they are tricky when it comes to website approval.

Note: I have worked on several websites so I am not a newbie and in that light I can say I know a thing or two about Google Adsense approval and this was how I pulled this stunt off.

Now with the tools and tactics that I used in getting approved, if you followed the same way, you will have to get approved in a few steps and yes you will know your status for approval if you are about to apply.

This is the reason why I titled this article, how to check your Google Adsense approval status.

Please note:There is no online or offline tool to check your Google Adsense approval status to be clear but you can be quite sure of your approval chances if you followed our guide below.

Now, lets see how I got Adsense approval with only two posts

I will be discussing this heading in two different sections;

  • How to get Adsense approval with only three or two posts
  • How to actually know if you will get approved with the current articles (Approval checker tool)

How to get Adsense approval with only three or two posts using our Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool.

Before getting approval with only three or two posts, there are several things that must be put into consideration which include;

  • You do not need thousands of visitors to your website before you get approved

Yes this s true.

I got my Adsense approval with only approximately 10 visitors daily but here there is always a catch to what and how you choose to do this.

Getting visitors to your website is quite easy but getting the quality visitors is quite difficult.

You must make sure you drive most of your visitors from search engines and also through guest posting with your link on the said websites.

This way you will be attracting quality and perfect traffic to your website even if it is the most minute number.

Certain people will tell you that you will need above 100 visitors to your website daily to be sure of Adsense approval but this is a big time joke.

This was not the same case with me.

I had the most little traffic a website can ever think of and still I got listed on Google Adsense program.

Thats refreshing though.

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Google Adsense rejection on a website that gets approximately 10 solid and quality visitors daily should not be attributed to the traffic.

  • You do not need 100% original content

Speaking of original content you have to understand the fact that a crude idea that has not been discussed is what is referred to as original content.

Now, before applying for Adsense, you should bear in mind that these crude ideas you are thinking of may have no search traffic for a long time and even till the time you are writing about them.

This means no one is actually searching for these crude keywords.

You will have to tap into what keywords that people have written about before and get started with making an article about those keywords and also outsource your own resource when it comes to writing about these keywords.

You will have to tap into what others have written before and also conduct a field study on them and make sure you are writing the real deal.

Truth is, every topic you are thinking of writing on have been written on before but you will just need to do better than the original writer and bring forth a good publication by simply taking off ideas from what the previous writers have written.

Please recall that you do not need to copy another websites content just because I said that you do not need original content.

You need not try plagiarism too as it is a huge offense to Adsense.

If you could actually put up a good piece you will be almost sure to get approved.

Now, you might need to have up to 10 of such concrete contents to get approval for Adsense but any lesser than that would not be the reason to call for an alarm as i was approved with only two of these kind of contents.

  • You need organic (SEO) traffic to get approved

Now this is not a must do.

But it will give you an edge to getting approved easily than not getting approved easily.

We all know how much Google value websites which generates traffic through search engines and they do think these websites have more to offer than websites which based its traffic on social medias and promotions too.

The best converting traffic for every offer and every website monetization means is the organic traffic which cannot be put to dispute and this is why Google take this very very seriously.

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I will not be denying the fact that most times, you will get Google Adsense approval without search traffic but all social media referral traffic but truth remains that with organic search traffic, you stand a better chance than with other kinds or form of traffic.

Driving organic traffic to your website simply means that your website is known by Google bots and this will make you be seen aloud other than social medias.

You just have to know too that you do not need thousands of organic traffic to get approved for Adsense but just a little fraction of it.

This is not to say that social media traffic is not quite exceptional for Adsense websites, no it is but it is only required if you want to increase the traffic to your website and of course if you have affiliate products or any native Ads to monetize but overall, they do very badly with Google Adsense when it comes to CPC.

Recall I am stating how I got approved with only two posts.

  • You need seriously in-depth, highly researched and problem solving content

This is where things might get a little bit awry.

You need to have a very long content in your website which must be written by your own keyboard, your own mindset and your own editing guide.

When I say a well in-depth article I mean an article of above 1500 words and even counting, a problem-solving article and also a very very highly researched article.

Google Adsense will only get you approved if you make them believe you have something of value to give to them.

Recall that sometimes, a single article in one website can cover or mean more than 10 articles in another website and this is where I will quote the fact that Brian Dean of Backlinko do get over 24,000,000 yearly to his website with only about 30 articles in it.

All are above 10,000 words and more.

So, while writing to get Adsense approval you will need to pick topics you can discuss on a very vast plane and get everything talked about before concluding your article so as to make sure you provide value to your readers.

We did not say you should start introducing the wrong and non useful contents just to make sure you have a long content.

That is not advised.

  • You must need a simple, fast, Google Asense friendly and SEO friendly theme to get approved

This is another factor you must consider when it comes to Google Adsense approval.

You must need a very well defined theme (I can give you mine if you send me an email @

By using a good and Adsense friendly theme in your website, you will stand a chance to get approved easily than none.

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As stated, my new website utilizes the same theme used by Blogincomes here to get approved for Adsense program.

  • You must take your images from free stock photo platforms like PIXABAY.COM

Most Images on Google search are all subject to copyright and this is the reason why you must outsource your own website image to be from a free source where you do not have to pay for the images you use in your website or get someone pock you for using his/her image.

A copyright protected image

Some persons are used with the practice of not adding images to their blog posts at first when they get started until they are approved by the Adsense team.

But this is a lame attitude as many readers get more engaged with articles with explanatory photos than ones with none.

This is why you must take up images from free stock photos and not Google search.

Also do not give image credit to your images taken from Google as this would not stop the owner from reporting your website or making Google find a fault with your webpage and penalize you with non approval.

  • You need not give website credits with an embedded link

Do not mistakenly give websites credit and insert their link in your website as this could be a Google hating outgoing link and this will negatively affect your Google Adsense approval success.

While giving website credits, it is best advised to leave the websites blank without links but their URL.

It is a lot safer.

  • You must internally link your existing contents

Internal linking is a way to create a better reader experience with your visitors and Google do not joke with this.

You will need to link to your existing posts in your current posts and make sure you make it appear almost perfect and pure and appear where they are supposed to appear.

This is an Add when it comes to getting approved by the Google Adsense Ad network easier.

  • You do not necessarily need pages more than you needed posts

I said this before and I am saying it again;

I got Adsense approval without these pages using our Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool method.

You do not necessarily need the Privacy policy page, the contact us page and the about us and all the so called relevant pages to get approved for Adsense.

I do not know why they did not take this into consideration when I applied and got approved but I have also seen websites with these pages that got disapproved upon application.

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So whats the logic?

The logic still remains that we do not know exactly what Google is looking for and what they do check to approve websites but whatever it is, they are really doing well with it.

But still you can add these pages if you feel they play a role to you.

For a free privacy policy page, you can generate that using the

  • You must keep your website void of any other Ads before application

Have you ever heard that Adsense is jealous?

Yes they are and this is how and why.

Google Adsense team knows the value of their Ads and what you can gain as a publisher so they do expect you to see from their own perspective too.

This is why you must be very careful when you apply for Adsense and make sure that you do not have another Ad network on the same website for the meantime while you wait for the approval.

  • You will need to make sure you do not have any broken links in your website

Having a broken link in your website could mean very bad business for getting approval from Google Adsense and as such, you are highly advised to do whatever you can to make sure you do not have any broken links in your website and also none of your website pages is returning a 404 error.

Your website permalink also need to be perfectly in place to save you the stress of getting disapproved and applying again.

  • You do not need a premium domain to get approved

Note that you cannot get Adsense approval on a free domain name but you can get Adsense approval on a domain.

This means you do not need only paid domains to get approved for Adsense program.

Still for the paid domains, you do not need to have a perfect .com domain name or a .org or domain name to get approved as any domain name as .us, .website, .site, .space and many others can actually be approved.

My case study of getting approved with with two articles stand the test of dispute here.

  • Basically apply with a website written in English

I know Adsense can approve many websites in many languages but it is better to apply and get approved with a website written in primary Adsense language.

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This may in some cases increase your chance of approval as I have never applied for Adsense with a website written in Spanish.

So I only speak for what I know and what I have tried.

These are the Adsense supported languages below;

Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool
Adsense supported languages
  • You must not use a 10 years or a 1 year old blog (Every blog at any age can approve Adsense)

I got Adsense approval with a website not up to three months using our Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool method.

And you can too.

The age of a website does not have anything to do with getting Adsense approval but it sure does when it comes to approval.

That being said, you can see a website that is over 5 years and they are still not in compliance with Google Adsense policy but some websites at just their launching time is already ready to approve Adsense.

So this is one of the facts that we face when it comes to website age for Adsense approval.

Now comes the second side of this article;

How you will know if your website will be approved or rejected by Google ( Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool )

In order to ascertain this factor, you will make sure to put every option and guide we placed here into check and make sure they are 100% working and in accordance to how we stated them.

This way you will be rest assured that your Adsense application will stand a 98% chance of getting approved and 2% chance of getting disapproved.

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I have gotten my Adsense account approved with this guide and I do not see any reason why you cannot too.

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