StackAgents Review; Watch Videos Online and Get Paid #100 Per Video

StackAgents Review; Now you can Watch Videos Online and Get Paid #100 Per Video

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Would you wish to get paid for doing what you might see as fun?

Watching short video clips online has striven to become the latest trend in the recent times and as such, people do not usually visit YouTube to seek such videos but they do go to WhatsApp stories and grab the fun they needed.

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But you might want to reconsider your choices when it comes to watching short videos online and chaneled it to something that will fetch you some income as time goes on.

This is where the StackAgents YouTube video monetization comes into play.

  • What is StackAgent?

The StackAgents YouTube video monetization is a platform that allows people who have much time to spar watching videos online make money doing exactly what they love.

It was claimed that you can make above #1,000,000 watching videos on this platform but I will be pointing out the ways to make such amount of money on this platform.

It works in the same way that just suits anyone who lives in a place or locality that has a free WiFi coverage so you would not be spending money on Internet data and you will be making #100 per video watched.

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Lets dive deep into what is working with the StackAgents YouTube video monetization

  • How many videos can you watch a day?

As a member or a participant in the StackAgents YouTube video monetization, you are allowed to watch videos randing from 5 videos to 200 videos a day.

This is where the earning potential of this platform comes into play.

Lets say you were able to watch up to 200 videos daily, you will be earning a flat rate of #100 by 200 videos which is #20,000 daily and above #500,000 monthly.

Now how cool is that?

Pretty cool right?

Now there are two ways to get started with making money on the StackAgents YouTube video monetization which are;

  • Watching videos online

Of course you know this platform cannot be free.

You first have to get registered with #5,000 on the StackAgents YouTube video monetization to be allowed the access to see and watch the videos so as to make money from the platform.

Once you make the payment, you will be allowed to view the videos and make money off them (#100) as you accumulate your earnings.

Be minded that how much you earn or how man videos you cover daily is ultimately up to you and this is why we recommend living or staying close to a free WiFi enabled area.

Now students in the University of Nigeria can understand better (The lions and lionesses) as they do have free WiFi for the students in the institution.

The easy part of the StackAgents YouTube video monetization is that it allows you to watch the videos from anywhere and anytime.

  • Referring people to register with the Platform

When you use your unique referral link to get people referred in the StackAgents YouTube video monetization and they are fully participating in the program, you will be paid a flat rate of #2,500.

When we say fully active and participating, we mean that they must have paid the activation fee of #5,000 and started watching videos.

So, what f you were able to get 200 people referred in the space of a month, you will be making a flat rate of #500,000 in one month.

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The better earning side of the StackAgents YouTube video monetization lies in the referral program.

There are ways in which you can direct people to get registered in this platform or better still, ways to advertise your affiliate link and get paid for referral commissions.

They are;

  • Using PPC Ads to drive traffic to the affiliate link (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads etc)
  • Using social medias to promote your affiliate link such as Facebook post, Twitter uploads etc
  • You can also use direct conviction to people you know, friends and family to join the program
  • Utilize the power of Quora Ads to drive potential sign-ups and traffic to your affiliate link
  • You can also write reviews in authority websites and seek the readers to get registered with the StackAgents YouTube video monetization
  • You can use WhatsApp groups and WhatsApp story to drive sign-ups when you convince them well

In fact, any means switch you can figure out to talk to many people is a way to get referrals.

Good thing here is that you can continue earning referral commissions even if your own account have not been activated yet.

So as a starter, you can start earning referral bonus almost immediately provided you have people you can refer to the StackAgents YouTube video monetization.

Now I know you might want to know how long will the videos play since I said it was a short video that you have to watch to make money.

The video length to be watched is only for 59 seconds which is approximately 1 minute.

  • So, how much can one earn by watching videos only on StackAgents YouTube video monetization

You will be able to earn a flat rate of #100 per video watched to completion.

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A strong note: Please do not try to sabotage he system by not completing the video you are watching as this may trigger an action that might not be good on your own end.

  • So, how about your payment withdrawal?

You will get paid by every month end at least #5,000 accumulated revenue in your account for the earnings generated from watching videos on the StackAgents YouTube video monetization.

The referral earnings can be withdrawn immediately upon getting to #5,000 threshold.

All payments will be made directly into your bank account here in Nigeria.

  • You might want to hear my own verdict of the StackAgents YouTube video monetization

Well, I will say that StackAgents YouTube video monetization is legit according to Scamadviser but I would implore you to try it out and see what happens.

Currently, I do not partner with this network but I can assure you that it is quite what you really need to make little bucks online watching videos.

  • But I will serve myself a disclaimer here;

At the time of writing this review, the StackAgents YouTube monetization website have gone down which we do not know what is the real cause of this but I suppose their server was overwhelmed ad everything went down.

But I do hope they will rectify this issue in time.

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If you needed to learn more about how the StackAgents YouTube monetization works, you might want to watch the video below;

2 Replies to “StackAgents Review; Watch Videos Online and Get Paid #100 Per Video

  1. Stop promoting scam please, stackagents is a fraudulent platform. I havent received my pay since February.

    1. I am really sorry you had to go through that.

      These Nigerian get paid to websites are simply scam and if you read my review very well, I made mention of the non credible side in the end and I wouldn’t vouch for them until otherwise proven.

      I suppose also you have not came across my review before you registered but of course it was written after February.

      You can make yourself a good income using capterra, g2crowd and Gartner peer insight reviews just as we have written about them.

      These are foreign paid to write reviews website and they do pay well and on time.

      Beat thing is that they do no request you to pay anything to earn

      Please read our review and start making money.

      Again I am deeply sorry for your loss, it wasn’t my own doing.

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