Namecheap Affiliate Review; 3 Things You Should Know Before You Join

Namecheap Affiliate Review; Here are the 3 Things You Should Know Before You Join the Namecheap Affiliate program.

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Working as an affiliate to many companies can be a very good experience if you are on the right side but most times, it seem to be the other way around and this is simply as a result of what we are just about to write today.

My Namecheap Affiliate review

The Namecheap affiliate program is yet another way to make good income online for many bloggers and Internet marketers. Some people do pull off thousands of dollars with this affiliate program when they join but some people do not just have the same fate.

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It is not fate I must tell you, it is simply how well you understand what you are about to go into.

I am not here to sell you some shit load of crap about how you will make millions if you joined the program just to get you to join it but I wish to tell you exactly what you should know before joining this and this rule of the thumb will apply to every side of your blogging career.

So now…

First things first; What the heck is Namecheap affiliate?

Namecheap affiliate is a referral program whereby you refer internet users who wish to start their own online enterprise, blog, business or anything that might make them to need a registered domain name, buy hosting and work on it.

By partnering with Namecheap afiliate, you will be eligible to earn some chunk of income if anyone every registered through your unique affiliate link.

Even if the referral buys a domain name, a web hosting package or an email hosting, you will still be entitled to some commission from the Namecheap affiliates.

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The Namecheap affiliate is just like every other affiliate marketing you have been into maybe for some time ago and made some cool cash through there but there may be rules you do not want to consider while choosing a good affiliate program for your business.

Notwithstanding we are here to educate you on what to consider before joining the Namecheap affiliate program, we will see it a bad idea if we didn’t elaborate the Namecheap affiliate programs pros before we moved to what you should know.

We will do you the courtesy.

You might be asking, what are the advantages of the Namecheap affiliate program and why should I join their program?


Pros of Namecheap Affiliate (Namecheap Affiliate review)

  • Your referrals will notice simple and easy setup of their web hosting plans

Almost every wordpress host provider offer oneclick installation so Namecheap would not be an exception.

That being said, Namecheap offer their users a very easy Cpanel, and an easy wordpress installation guide fro their softacculous wordpress installer.

So I suppose this is an add to what you have to gain when you joined the Namecheap web host.

  • Timely and regular payouts

Affiliates with Namecheap have reported that they did experience a very fast payout and on a regular basis.

This means you will receive your payments for offers sold even before you can say “Jack Robinson”.

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This is one of the cool stuffs I found too about the Namecheap affiliate program.

  • Their offers are high converting

Owing to the fact that Namecheap is a word-wide trusted brand, making sales would not seem as difficult as it is while trying to promote a new company like Whogohost.

Namecheap affiliate is considered to sell three times more than its counterparts like Whogohost, Hostgator and the rest others.

So, yes this is an advantage that will make your mouth water about the program.

So we done about the good sides, and they are definitely good.

Lets face the business of the day and see what you should know before you signed up for Namecheap affiliate to promote Namecheap offers.

What to know before you become a Namecheap Affiliate (Namecheap Affiliate review)

  • Who do you command

When I say who do you command, I mean what level of traffic do you have to your website that will trigger people to buy from you?

Naturally, if you are having 100 visitors to your website daily, the chance of them clicking through your link to get started as bloggers are sincerely hard.

Even when it comes to using display Ad networks like Google Adsense, getting up to 5 clicks to Ads per 50 visitors is quite hard not to talk of driving people to buy from you.

So you gotta cool down a bit, and cool off.

Do not rush int it or you might rush out from it.

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Do not go around believing the friend that tells you he makes a very good amount of money from such affiliate programs as you may never know what traffic he has and where he is promoting his contents.


If you need Namecheap affiliate or any affiliate at all to work for you, then you will have to build massive visitors, massive links to drive search traffic which is the best traffic with purchase intent, build trust and a business with people and then reap the fruit.

This can take you as much as 3-4 years but you might enjoy it in the last.

  • Are you cut pocket deep for promotions

Sometimes you might get to see several authority websites promoting a single post on Adword, facebook, twitter and Quora Ads.

This is with one intent (To drive sales to the landing page or increase leads).

The intent has never changed.

This is what you should exactly ask yourself when it comes to Namecheap affiliate marketing. The chances are slim that you might make it through just signing up for Namecheap affiliate program, so before you can start making sales, you need to bring your offer to people who are interested to buy from you and this can only be done through very targeted Ads.

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This could drive you sales but it might take time but not longer than what SEO will take.

Actually, we do see this approach as a fast track approach.

You must be cut out for running Ads on several social medias, websites and many other platforms just to promote and drive sales to your affiliate offer.

  • Do you have the right audience

Namecheap affiliate program or any web hosting affiliate program is suited for the webmaster boggers who teach people how to make money online.

This is because, several webmaster bloggers do have direct services to render and it always goes in the way of creating a blog for clients.

This can help you fix these referrals in your affiliate offer and get yourself some sales.

This is one of the easiest and cost free ways to make money with Namecheap affiliate program.

So I suggest you consider this option before you make choices on joining the Namecheap affiliate program to avoid wasting your time for no just cause.

  • Now that we are finished, can we wrap up?

I would never wish you to be deceived with the fact that you can start making money with the Namecheap affiliate program because that is a big fat lie.

The considerations below are what you should look at before starting up an affiliate offer and also this guide will apply to every affiliate program promotion as it is a rule of thumb which everyone must follow.

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Wrapping up on Namecheap Affiliate review

If you are ever guided to just rush and get yourself an account with Namecheap affiliate program, I must tell you it is quite easy to get approved in but making money will be the next line of problem you will have.

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