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If you ever doubted the claim of visitors above, click here to see what claims we made are true.

Truthfully, it has taken me quite a very long time to be able to gather a very very good traffic source for my website and I know several people are suffering from the issue as did I but I hope this article will bring light to the end of the tunnel for you.

Trust me, we do not aways write for writing sakes but we do write when the need calls and this is the situation wen we say we write.

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  • Let me give you a little head-start…

I know the problem you are having now is the fact that you are always having visitors fluctuation in your website and you are quite getting tired of these errors as I would say and you need a substantial business model and a way to get good visitors to your website.

This is funny as no one out there will help you and even if you tried to help yourself, you will burn a deep hole in your wallet and still not get to anywhere with these self taken steps.

Well, this isn’t the most funny part of the scenario; here is the most funny part of the whole issue…

Try Googling the keyword: “How to get visitors to my website?”

Everyone in the SERP are saying the same crap of SEO, social media, guest blogging and maybe Facebook promotion and no one will say exactly what they are doing.

Same thing applicable to the Nigerian blogs on the SERP result if there was any of them there to say the same trash.

Yeah that is the most funny part of the sad story.

The truth remains, no one will tell you exactly what they do and how they get their visitors but of course who would want do divulge their business strategy and secret with you?

This is why you must keep visiting these to blogs for the same information every now and then.

I specifically do not like my website visitors and respected readers going out to seek some information I knew I could give just for no charge, so this is why I decided to bring to you the specific way I was able to raise my website visitors from 5k monthly to 50k monthly visitors.

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If you are sill buying traffic from online sellers on Fiverr, SEOclerk, Peopleperhour, Upwork and several other web traffic sellers, then keep up with that but I want to give you an assurance about these traffic you buy from these sources;

  • These traffic are garbage (How can a seller promise you 10,000 visitors for $5? Its just auto-surf from the net)
  • They will never buy from you
  • They will never click on your display Ads
  • They will not convert on your native Ads as they will not be seen as traffic
  • Many Ad networks have developed a system that filters out bot traffic and as such will never convert
  • They will not subscribe to your newsletter to get your news daily
  • They will never generate leads for you
  • Might bring down your Alexa and popularity and even your DA (Domain authority)

These are to mention but a few.

So, back to the business of the day, your website visitors coming from the source we will walk you through if you send us an email will help you increase your overall website experience and also revenue from any kind of Ad network you serve in your website, but you first need to send us an email.

Just a quick reminder before we proceeded…

I am not making mentions of this web traffic source being only beneficial to Google Adsense publishers but it is quite beneficial to everything you use n your website as a monetization means as I would guarantee it is 100% human visitors and this simply means they will;

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  • Come from pure IP addresses
  • Will either initiate a purchase on your affiliate products
  • Will generate a lead for your CPA affiliate program
  • Click on a display Ad such as Google Adsense,, Clicksor and any display Ad network you use
  • Make you money on popunder Ad networks such as Propellerads
  • Make you earn on perfect impressions generated on a page on Native Ad networks
  • They can also subscribe to your newsletter to get updates from you
  • Also share your contents for further reading if they find it soothing and interesting
  • They are 100% targeted visitors
  • Lastly, you do not pay your ass out to get them as they will cost you just a little token

Now we wished to correct an impression here as we have received this message a whole lot of times and we do not wish to further receive it.

We have been asked how we do make money here on often times than none and I wished to clear the air on this question as fast as I can.

We do make money with direct promotions, direct advertisement and sponsorship from our concealed sponsors.

We believe you do enjoy the Ad free articles you read on our website daily as we do not wish to bore your experience of our website with Ads, but this doesn’t mean we do not use the Google Adsense, Mgid or so to say but we do these on other websites we do manage.

Now that you are cleared, let us go ahead.

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From the traffic source we use in our website, we can guarantee you several uplifts in your website which are further discussed below;

  • Revenue generation

We just said revenue generation but we didn’t say the kind of revenue it was going to be.

We believe every website has a very good revenue generation potential but it all boil down to how well you promote your website.

Trust me, if you ever run any Ad network on your website, you must have known the value of human traffic by now to your website if my presumption was right then you must be eager to know where else you can get up to 5,000 visitors extra to your website daily.

If you use any Ad network on your website, then this detailed traffic source will get you over 5,000 visitors to your website daily and help you increase your revenue eve if you are using Google Adsense,, Propellerads, Mgid, Taboola, Outbrain and many other Ad networks.

Also, if you are a full time affiliate seller as the likes of Paschal Okafor of Naijatechguide, you must know the value of getting 100%  human visitors to your website as the traffic source we used will help you generate over a mouthwatering commissions from selling for online stores of the likes of Jumia, Konga and Jiji or better still promoting another affiliate offer that your visitors will be quite interested in.

Here, we promoted a back-link affiliate offer from SEOclerks and we got a very high CTR but the conversion was too poor as people thought buying from the SEOclerks store is quite odd and they sell low quality products.

I guess that was the reason for the low conversion rate.

  • Alexa rank increase

Alexa rank of a website as you would agree with me is the popularity of the website and how good people will react to hearing the name of your website anywhere.

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Using the traffic we are speaking of will bring you a very good increase in your Alexa rating ad expose your website to many people knowing you and knowing the brand you work with.

When too many people are aware of your website and the services you provide too, they will tend to come for it the more.

This is the essence of the alexa rating of your website.

And also bear in mind that no one is going to seek to be advertised directly on a website that doesn’t have a good alexa ranking and this directly affect the level of direct advertisement several websites were supposed to get.

  • DA and PA increase

When you are having a good number of visitors to your website daily with a good intent in your contents and also your website at large, you will tend to build a strong domain authority and page authority for your website.

  • Targeted visitors

We do believe in the fact that every website no matter what you are writing has its own visitors who would appreciate your content more than anything.

But the problem comes in how to find them.

You can use SEO as the easiest way to find them but there is a more better and easy way to do that and we will discuss it in the direct email if you were bold enough to click on your send button.

The joy and the true nature of every website comes in when you started getting the visitors who needed your contents as much as you needed their visit but until then, take a break and send us an email.

  • Compatibility with every website niche

Since we said that you are getting real 100% human visitors, you will also be getting visitors which are highly compatible with your website and your niche at large.

No matter the kind of website you run, you can always get the visitors who are compatible with your website content through the traffic source we use for our website traffic generation and we do not bore our visitors.

  • Can direct traffic from any country, location and interest

We do understand the importance of getting USA, UK, Canada, Australian visitors to your website and we can guarantee that but here there is a catch, “You must write good and informing articles to bring them in to your website”.

That being said, we do know the vitality of the country specific visitors to ones websites as certain Ad networks will require them before they can get you approved for the Ad network or before you can make good income with them.

We got you covered.

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In the Google Adsense program, you will earn more from USA visitors than Nigerian visitors and same applicable to Ad network but the case here is a little more severe and tense as they will tend to ban you if you bring in visitors from the non wanted countries.

  • Perfect visitors for your website

Of course you will get the perfect visitors your website ever needed and also make good sales and have your visitors converse with your website content and leave you a lively environment to talk to them when you see their left comments.

Trust me, you will love to come back from wherever it was you went to see over 15 comments in a single post you published in your website.

  • Lower bounce rate which increase the chance for sales

When your visitors interact with your website content for a longer time, it might be seen as a sign that they might be able to ditch out their credit cards and punch in the codes to make a purchase.

Course thats normal.

Or they might be having a very good time with your website content and will probably bookmark your page fr further visit.

  • Real time Google analytics report

You can check your Google Analytics report if you start using this traffic and you will quite see the improvement in time.

The visitors will come in live and their live actions will be displayed on Google analytics to your comfort and this is the first indication of the fact that the visitors are really interacting with your content.

  • Pure traffic referral source

Web traffic originating from bad sources are always cloaked but this traffic will originate from Facebook as the source and not just as a proxy cover but it is really the Facebook sending you the traffic.

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As we would believe that the social media traffic when gotten in a very good quantity and way is the source that suits all monetization means of a website perfectly and most specially the Facebook traffic.

  • Lead and affiliate sales traffic

When you drive the visitors who would want to know about your product to your website or landing page, you can easily make god money off them without much stress and introduction of your own products.

This is a hassle-free way of driving buying visitors to your website and your affiliate landing page and be assured of making the money from them and also generating leads from them for your CPA affiliate program.

You just name it…

  • Wrap up

As no blogger would love to tell you exactly where their traffic comes from exactly but they will keep telling you about SEO, Facebook Ads, Email marketing, and a host of several other things, we suppose you do grab this opportunity from us and learn the basic place and how we were able to raise our website visitors from 5k monthly to 50k visitors monthly.

You can send us an email to get started or you can sit back and watch the ones who were bold enough to do make their first income from their various websites.

Get our 56 pages EBook on how to make $25 weekly and recurrently on Here for just $5.

Note, I am not selling an Ebook so to say the price will go up or come down any sooner and as such, you can drive your attention in anytime you wish we will be waiting for you but it will be to your own demerit as you would be wasting your time.

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