Beyond Google Adsense Self Click; What Else Works. A Quize Plugin Review

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Here, you can use your existing website with the Quize wordpress plugin or you can create a whole website from Quize website creator.

We do know that several people have indulged in the act of self clicking on their own Google Adsense Ads no doubt about that, and so many have taken our detailed guide on Google Adsense self click on ads and how to get away self clicking.

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To the greater good, this method worked for several people than it did worked for some other but it didn’t work for others as a result of maybe mishandling our guide or better still, something went wrong aside what we taught and we made a disclaimer not to be responsible for any actions that was taken aside from what we taught you here

I am a nice guy and I would need you not just to stop the Adsense self click but just to equally make you see what can work better than just self clicking on your own Ads at least if not just to stop defrauding Google of their money, but just for the fact that you need a more natural approach to making money with Google Adsense.

NB: One thing I would like you to know before you can proceed with reading is this; Not everyone you see telling you how much they do make with Adsense is really making such money through the program as many would just try to pull your legs.

Also, I could keep this secrete to myself and earn money through this but I decided to be too generous and besides, what am I keeping it for?

Cannot enrich my pockets only, could I?

So, lets get on with the lesson for today.

  • What the heck is Quize?

Quize is a tool which is used to create an additional quiz for your website visitors so as to create a more better number of audience and to keep them interactive even if anything didn’t work out, the optimistic quiz can keep them going and engaged with your content.

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The Quize tool has some functions to your Google adsense which you will find exquisitely tempting;

  • Increasing page-views on your blog
  • Increasing paid Ad impressions
  • Driving targeted traffic
  • Decreasing bounce rate by increasing the time spent on time
  • Eliminating bounce rate

Now with Quize, there are only but three ways you can use to get your visitors going and the fact is that you cannot just leave your bounce rate too high by leaving the visitors to retire from your web page upon visit and as a result of this, we have decided to proceed to tel you what exactly can help you engage your visitors in a very good way and keep your bounce rate on the lower end.

How to keep your website visitors engaged with your quiz with Quize

You can either keep the Quize in three different levels for your visitors and which results in three different answers or results per se which are stated below;

  • Easy

This makes the quiz appear more simpler and easier and in case of any wrong answer, the user will have to answer all the incorrect quiz questions again after the final question.

This level helps reduce bounce rate but only does it a little.

  • Medium

This level works in a more severe way than the easy side.

Here, if any failure occurs, the user will have to stay on the same question until they can actually answer the question correctly and thats the difficult side.

With this, you will get to reduce the bounce rate on your Adsense Ads in a more efficient way than the first level.

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  • Hard

Here, the user gets redirected to the first question at any point of failure and this keeps the quiz going and more interesting so to say.

This will highly reduce the bounce rate of the visitors to a very meaningful extent.

Then after these questions, you should believe with me that your visitors should wish to know if they really worth an award or not and this is the cool part of this platform.

At the end of the questions and answer, visitors are presented with a congratulatory page which should look exactly like the photo below;


But hey, you could choose to be a little more tricky with this side of the Quize. This is where you get to send the visitors a congratulatory or a wrong answer page.

If you would love your visitors to spend more time on your website and further increase impressions, earnings and also decrease bounce rate, then you can present them with the wrong answer page but this can bore them and have them leave your website for good.

So we do advice you should not send your visitors a wrong answer page after the quiz, we prefer the congratulatory page.

Also note that you can use your own images to fully customize your congratulatory message or failure message to look exactly as you need it and this will go a long way to prove how raw your Quize is.

About the real reason for this review; earning more with Adsense.

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You cab earn more with Adsense on Quize through some processes which are;

  • Increased traffic
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Increased impressions
  • Increased CTR on Ads

As naturally Quize Plugin comes with a built in Google Adsense widget, all you need do is just insert your responsive Adsense code and the Ads will start displaying immediately.

Here is a screen-shot of earnings below


What of how analyzed and human this traffic seem?

Well, if thats the question you’re asking, then you might want to consider looking below and study this photo below to know if it worth your time or not.

The image below is from analytics side of the same dashboard displayed above.


You can also purchase the Quize plugin for $29.99 from

  • So can we wrap up?

This platform Quize plugin is fully customizable with both mobile and desktop traffic and performs better on those.

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You might have been seeing questions and answer websites that makes good money online and you might be wondering how is this possible.

Well, here is how they do make such huge amount of money through Google Adsense program and we know you can do so too.

Just give it a try first before you say it doesn’t work.


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