100% Step-by-Step Guide: 3 Broad Ways to Make Money with Any AD Network Blogging

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A quick note; We know you might find it heartbreaking that some AD networks do not focus on CPC or high paying keywords as Google Adsense and Media.net to pay you as a blogger as some pay just as a result of the traffic region and niche Eg. Propellerads, popads and Yillix.

We already know we have a disclosure above the article but we would like to give a strict warning on this article before we start out.

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Note: We will be writing a very long content here to enable us give you every detail you might need and as such, we suppose you grab a cup of  hot coffee, seat back in a back-chair and read on, just a courtesy to enjoy the article.

So, we suppose you have read a lot articles about how to make money on line but we guess o one has ever decided to teach you exactly what you need to know.

Well, that is too bad but we are obliged to tell you we have some tips for you this time.

But before then, we need to warn you about something that we are not here to do.

We are not here to try selling you an Ebook, or to tell you all the shits about how to start a blog, or sell you an affiliate link or worst of all tell you what will not work, just a precaution to reading.

We suppose you’re here for the obvious so let’s get down to business

You can learn how to start a blog here as we do suppose you already have a blog but you are wondering which AD network to use on your website to monetize and this will make or attention be focused on vast places and not a single AD network as it seems.

So, how do you know an AD network that will work for your website to give the maximum earnings?

Let us start with the detailed analysis…

  • Know your business and its verticals

A few years ago, we started out our company website without the sole aim of what we doing or what service we do offer and this made us loose track on what to monetize our website with. We fell into the ditch of Gooogle Adsense users as we thought what testimonies we heard from users were true.

$15 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional backlinks. Click here to get started with building perfect back-links to your website

That was the first mistake we made as a company.

But recently, upon a close study on what we do and what our website offer, we came to understand what to monetize our website with and make a good revenue stream and sure we found the media.net AD network and this have been paying us huge on our website.

Trust us when we say, Media.net is the best AD network there ever is.

Sign up here on media.net and receive 10% more for the first three month for exclusive partners.

When we say understand your business and verticals we literally mean;

  1. Understand your website niche

Your website niche is the first determinant when it comes to making money from your website and actually making a living from it.

In the course of our contribution on QUORA recently, a user requested an answer from us which read “can I really make a living out of my website?”

You might be asking the same question lately, but we will be giving out the same answer as did we on QUORA a few days ago.


But you must know, it’s a whole dependent on how you choose to take a stance and learn.

$15 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional backlinks. Click here to get started with building perfect back-links to your website

Several website niches do well with certain AD networks such as Google Adsense, Media.net, Yillix, Revenuehits, popads, propellerads, outbrain, taboola, Amazon CPM, infolinks and a host of several others and we will link all in the website niches they do belong with just now.

We do see certain people make the wrong choice of AD networks and they do claim it pays them very well but we do know they are not paid well; after all it is in the bloggers lifestyle to tell lies.

You could imagine a news and entertainment website monetizing with the Google AdSense or media.net. Of course that would be a waste of time and you will get to see your website visitors never click on your Ads and you might end up complaining about it.

You can get to know why your website visitors do not click on your ads from here.

So, here is a rundown of what you should actually monetize your website with as a niche blogger;

Niche                                                                             Ad network

Entertainment                                                             Outbrain, Taboola, Google Adsense

Dating                                                                         Infolinks, Taboola, Outbrain

News                                                                           Google Adsense, Taboola

Technology                                                                 Media.net, Infolinks, Adsense

Webmaster                                                                  Media.net, Infolinks

Blogging tips                                                               Media.net

Insurance                                                                     Media.net, Google Adsense

Scholarships                                                                Google Adsense, Infolinks

Business                                                                      Infolinks, Google Adsense

Education                                                                    Google Adsense, Media.net

Inspirational quotes                                                     Propellerads, popads

Make money online                                                     Media,net, Google Adsense

Music download                                                         Popads, Propellerads

We got you the list above as we know that several website niches do not have visitors who click on Ads and as such are termed banner blinded visitors so you might need to make money with CPM Ads instead of CPC AD networks.

The above list is drawn according to the most dominant website niches in Nigeria.

$15 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional backlinks. Click here to get started with building perfect back-links to your website

  1. Understand your website design

Most times, website design and template do affect your AD performance in a huge way. Making money with an AD network is quite easy if you have the good website design and your Ads do not cluster with your website template so as to increase AD visibility.

While using Google Adsense, you need to be weary of your website template so as not to hide your Ads and make it seem unnoticed by your visitors.

Same applicable to every other AD network Eg. Media.net, Revenuehits and Popads.

  1. Understand your writing skill and article type

Your writing skill is a great way to know the kind of AD network you use in your website. Supposing you do write articles on make money on line and blogging tips, then you might consider using an AD network that is a contextual AD network such as Mdia.net and Google Adsense so as to generate a high CTR on your Ads and also to make good earnings.

The kind and type of articles you write in your website also contributes to knowing the kind of Ads that pays you better in your website. Say you do write articles that has only 200 words, you might need to use an AD network that doesn’t have any policy about too many Ads on a single page.

So, we do suggest you make use of Taboola to get higher impressions on your ads and this AD network company does not have any AD number on page policy.

  1. Understand your location

Just for a Nigerian blogger, we do not suppose you do have any reason whatsoever to have any business to do with any AD network that doesn’t monetize Nigerian traffic well eg Media.net, Revenuehits, Propellerads, Yillix, Infolinks and a host of several others.

$15 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional backlinks. Click here to get started with building perfect back-links to your website

Naturally, we do suggest you should use only Google Adsense to monetize your website if your major visitors are from Nigeria.

You can earn even more from Media.net, Revenuehits, Propellerads, Yillix, Infolinks and a host of several others if you have majority of your web traffic coming from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

You can equally make use of the Nigerian AD networks like NGadverts, Adquet, and some others but be sure to read their reviews here to avoid getting into problems as did we on our trial.

  1. Understand your website traffic volume and interaction (Best suggestion is to use Google Analytics)

We do understand that some AD networks are basically CPC (Cost per click) based but we are not also limited to telling you exactly how to monetize with them.

If you run a website with thousands of visitors, or millions of visitors daily, it might interest you to know that you could make more money with a CPM (Cost per Mile) AD network than you can make with a CPC (Cost per click) AD network.

Some of the CPC (Cost per click) AD network you might know are media.net, Google Adsense, clicksr and Yillix.

The Taboola, Amazon CPM and Outbrain Ads pays better on high traffic websites than these AD networks mentioned above.

A brief calculation;

Let us say you have 100,000 visitors from USA in your website daily and your CPC on Google Adsense is $0.10 on average, then you could be getting 20,000 clicks on your ads in a day (If it will be up to).

Lets do the math

20,000 × $0.10 = $2,000 daily

Lets check a CPM AD network;

Supposing you have the same 100,000 visitors from USA in your website daily and you are able have an RPM or CPM of $5, then this will be the result daily;

Lets do the math

100,000 × $5 = $500,000 daily

Hope the difference was quite clear?

$15 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional backlinks. Click here to get started with building perfect back-links to your website

This was an estimation though not real facts.

  • Know your traffic source and what works with it

Certain traffic sources do well with some markets as we do know that;

Facebook generated traffic do well for affiliate marketing and search engine generated traffic do well for affiliate and PPC AD networks such Google Adsense, Media.net and Infolinks but not same as referral traffic from other sources.

So, in this context you should know your visitors and what they do in your website and where they do come from as to know the best way to monetize them. Applying our guide, you can monetize a website that generates only 10,000 visitors monthly same as a person who monetizes a website that generates above 100,000 visitors monthly.

We suggest you use Google Analytics to check the standard statistics of your website and know how your visitors are responding to your website.

If you have a website with a very high bounce rate, then you could be in for one night stand with your monetization model.

Let us try and be clear enough on one thing now;

If you experience a high bounce rate on your website as the reports from Google Analytics shows, then you might not want to consider using Google Adsense to monetize or Meda.net or even any PPC AD network as you will never have a good and solid result.

Your website traffic with high bounce rate can be monetized but not with Google Adsense, Media.net or any PPC AD network for that matter but we got you a reliable solution.

You can make use of the Taboola or Outbrain as they do offer CPM monetizing model and they can monetize your high bounce rate visitors as they do not require visitors to stay too long in the website but they just need an impression to pay you up as a publisher.

$15 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional backlinks. Click here to get started with building perfect back-links to your website

You could be prone to making good affiliate sales with a traffic coming majorly from facebook than traffic coming from direct visits. So we suppose using Google Analytics will work best for your website.

Try and understand what your visitors are really interested in and user experience (UX)

Some websites with the likes of thepennyhoarder.com, WPbeginner.com, Backlinko.com and host of several others do pride themselves with a keyword;

”Visitors do get disturbed by banner ads and it cause distraction to viewers and equally make visitors not to enjoy the contents of websites”.

This is why these mentioned websites have taken another route to monetize their contents which is obviously not AD serving on their websites as specifically sad by thepennyhoader CEO.

If you serve Google Adsense Ads in your website, you might be obstructing the readership of your visitors by serving them Ads, the only way to find out if your visitors are really enjoying your content is to engage them in a chat to express their opinions about your website and their experience.

Some jack of all trades goes around using AD networks that are totally forbidden by their visitors and aim at making money from the same visitors they just scared away.

We know that some AD networks are very difficult to get past by according to the reports we generated from visitors over a year ag and this is also as a result of the websites they do appear in.

All popup Ads should be used in gaming and music download websites where it will not bore your visitors but will seem alongside what you’re doing in the said website.

These popup AD networks tend to perform better than the PPC AD networks like media.net and Google Adsense in certain blog niches which are the Gaming and Music download niches.

Take note of that.

Notwithstanding the fact that these popup Ads do work well in a music download niche website and others, you should try as much as possible not to make your Ads seem too aggressive as it will drive a huge chunk of your visitors off from your website if you do so.

Also, the Popup Ads are filed with links to malwares which are being reported yearly by the visitors of such websites but in all, popup Ads are best for the Music download website niche and the Gaming website niche.

Can this topic get any more interesting?

$15 isn’t too costly to get your website to Google first page with professional backlinks. Click here to get started with building perfect back-links to your website

  • Sure it can, as we wrap up the topic

Writing a blog is easy and monetizing it is the hard part of blogging.

If you kept to our detailed guide on what website niche to monetize with what AD network, you will get to do very well while choosing the website niche to monetize with what AD network.

We implore you to choose Media.net for any niche that will pay well for high paying keywords and basically USA traffic as it pays better than the Googe Adsene.

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