Review; Signup and Make #3,000 Per Referral

N.B: We did not use photo screenshot of the program here as a security measure as did we saw what happened the last time we used it here You can also place a direct request to our email; if you request the screenshot proof.

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I have been an online contributor for quite a long time now and I can say I know a good and trusted business when I see one.


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I came across a referral program which by every means have all it takes to be the best thing you ever needed from online referral programs.

So I took to understand what this referral program ( had in store for its members and I was quite intrigued by the results of my research well carried out.

The is a website that was launched not quite too long ago, say a month ago and it has been making a serious wave on the online referral programs community and as such, it drew my attention to give a credible review of this referral program.

If you had been a frequent reader of our blog, you might have known by now that we give out wicked reviews and ideas notwithstanding what is at stake as we try to give our readers a head-start in everything they do spend money on.

Trust us, we are still going to give a wicked review of this referral program even considering the fact that it is a sponsored review.

But before we continued, mind if we asked a question?

What sense would it make when we write reviews which are aimed at exploring you our readers only to enrich the pockets of our sponsors, thereby making you leave a mindset of non trust with us and our reviews?


This is exactly why we have decided to look to no side while writing reviews that will get people to spend money as we do know how hard it is to squeeze out a little cash.

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So, lets start with our review for today

Note: We are not writing with our referral link and neither are we getting any chunk of the signup fee as the links in the signup page are the homepage link of Of course not our sponsored listing payment.

So the first time I heard of the new make money online platform which hasn’t been too long it was launched was while I was in a cafe with a friend of mine and a prolific blogger at that as we shared our ideas on the best way to make some cash out of other offline means aside Adsense and its related networks.

Just in time, I received a message on our whatsapp forum about an online referral program which seemed to be making wave in the current time but I felt reluctant about it.

Guess my friend whom I was with didn’t feel the same way I did so he moved further to inquire about the authenticity and just in time, he registered with #5,000 only and started off.

This is a complete referral program as he started to refer people and in the first week, he got his first paid cheque of #18,000 for having referred 6 members.

We did meet again as we used to and he was telling me the magic that just happened in as little as a week and he got paid out reflecting to the promise the team made as per paying out on time and as when you requested it.

Just as if that wasn’t enough, another miracle happened just in my very presence there.

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In the time being before we got to see that day, he had only six referrals, then just as he was trying to explain what happened to me, he logged in again and found that the referrals have been made up to seven. 

Due to our argument about how long it takes to request a payout and actually get paid out, he placed a request to be paid out and just in an hour before we could leave the cafe, he got a credit alert in his cellphone.

Isn’t that awesome?

Lets go into the business of the day as we have shared with you a success story of a close friend.

The review and what we love about the referral program

  • The website design and layout

The website is designed in a way to give out the best user experience and easy to use interface for the newbies who are just about to register.

It has an easy signup and login page just directly facing you once you get into the URL. This gives n easy way for people to know and find out what you’re already saying as they can signup easily.

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Still, I must commend the UI (User interface). They offer a very nice and clean looking user interface which makes the users not to get bored in the system unlike several other systems of its kind.

  • The truth side of the program

I formerly wrote a review of the NNU income program and how they pay their members stating clearly it was a referral program that was just hidden till you’re ready to withdraw your earnings through news reading. is a straightforward program that gives you the ability to predict where you stand with them and not get swept away when you need to make your withdrawal.

There are no hidden charges on your referrals or when you will get paid as there will not be any modifications in the payment method from now till when it will continue being used.

You register with #5,000 and refer a user, you get #3,000 and it is eligible to be withdrawn whenever you feel like doing so (Can even be the same day).

  • The on time payment to members

As proven by a friend of mine and from what I saw too, do have the attitude of paying their members on time and as fast as possible as they would like to keep up the good name and also show a difference in Nigerian referral program system and the scams they constitute.

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You can request your payment the same day you get a referral and just in an hour you’re getting the money.

Hope that was what you guys always wanted in a referral program?

  • Excellent website loading speed

Several referral websites like NNU, Newspay and several others do take quite a little time to load but the takes little or less than 0.05 seconds to load and this is a huge add when it comes to processing payments.

Thanks to Bluehost for this wonderful load time.

So, if you’re still interested and still reading, then lets go to how to signup and become a member

First things first

  • Go to and click on Signup

Here, since you are a new registrant, you need to use the signup form and fill in your details as levelled below.

  • Fill in your username

Here, you need to input your distinct username and let it be something you may not forget in a jiffy. Better still, use your own name as the username and maybe insert a little number in it.

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  • Input your first and last names

Your first and last names are needed here just as in your name and your surname so that you can go to the next step.

  • Your email

Chose your best email and use as the email here as this email will be used to send you messages, recover password and also organize webinars and seminars.

  • Password and confirmation

Input a password you can easily recall and also confirm it by entering the same password again.

Here we do recommend using a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters and also signs and numbers.

Just as this example: ChuK_wu2@di

  • Input referrer

Here, youre almost halfway to getting started.

Just input your referrer and you’re ready to go.

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Please note; If you are coming to the website through the direct link, just leave the referrer box open and continue to the captcha page.

If you are joining with someones referral link then you need not add it as it will be added automatically.

Lastly, migrate to the captcha box

  • Enter the recaptcha and then click on signup.

You will be redirected to your account page where you can track your progress and all. You will equally get to see your referrals and earnings and also cash out from there.

So, whats next?

The next thing is to start monetizing your link through social medias, websites, direct advertisement, whatsapp updates and several other ways. But we do recommend a surefire way of doing this through;

These are our best buy when it comes to making  money online through affiliate marketing and this also applies to every other kind of affiliate sales and stuffs.

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So, I suppose many would be asking the question, why do I join this program or why should I join this program.

well the answer to that is quite simple.

Several persons do live by the make money online from home rule and I am proud enough to say that this is one of them and also tested and trusted.

Secondly, if you feel like joining this program will be a no for you, then you could sit back and read the success stories from your friends or better still let another person tell you about it apart from us here

Thirdly, this is the most trusted referral program I have ever came across so I do not think you do have any reason not to spend #5,000 just to make more money online.

Finally, spending #5,000 for a fortune is a mistake you must believe with me you do not want to make.

Wrap up

You must believe with me that the more the year goes by the more people have the urge to work from home and as such, try as hard as possible to seize this opportunity to make money online and make the year 2019 your own through online referrals.

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You could hold yourself accountable for not joining early.

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