How Email Subscription Popus Can decrease Your Web Visitors And How To Avoid It

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So I wonder why you still always do leave email popup plugins to cloud your wordpress website and cause your visitors mishaps (Mobile visitors).

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I couldn’t keep the count or stats of websites I do leave while searching for some stuffs online, maybe how to do certain stuffs I did not have any knowledge of.

Hey! No one knows it all so I gotta do some searches sometimes.

This is simply because the email subscription popups I do see is always highly overwhelming I must say. 

Most times, these email subscription popups do come up and cloud the face of my mobile phone screen and this is never a good idea to me. 

Worst thing is that the email subscription popup may not have an exit option to continue with my browsing.

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This gets me really pissed off.


Here is what you should and must know when it comes to making and keeping your visitors entertainmed with your website;

  • Always try not to get your website too over layed with Ads
  • Try to get content to them first and not allow images or Ads to take the first impression
  • Use smaller Email popup banners 
  • Avoid heavy website themes that take forever to load
  • Do not force them to subscribe or better still, build a catchy landing page

For the article we are writing today, we are taking the third option above very seriously and specifically.

So, first things first; 

Why are you using the Big banner email subscription badge to worry your visitors?


This is way off what you should be doing as a website owner just to force people to subscribe to your newsletter. This will eventually make your visitors run away from you and your website.

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The visitors you forced into subscribing to your website will cease to be non returning if they find out that you already have nothing to offer.

Just leave them coming naturally if they liked your stuff they will subscribe without much persuasion.

Some of the visitors will subscribe to your newsletter but you will never see them again.

Mind to know why this happened?

Well, this is because your website may have been the only one with a much logical explanation to give on what they are searching for so they might just subscribe to remove the shit popup from their face and move on with reading with no hope of returning or checking your emails again.

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They could flag you as spam.

So, you played yourself here…


We know why youre putting up those big banners in your website.

This is because you needed email subscribers, you needed more traffic, you needed to sell your products through email, you needed a huge fanbase, you needed to make better affiliate sales and have much returning visitors to your website.

Well, maybe also having too many people reading your first publication as a first hand news.

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So, we think we finally knew why you needed to put up those banners to the discomfort of your readers and maybe this our guide may help.

  • Try facebook Advertising and target leads and signups with a cool landing page

Using Facebook Ads to generate leads and email subscribers can be really good and easy when you follow this guide written by a pro blogger Den Harsh Agrawal.

If it was above 1,000 subscribers you needed, you can get them through Facebook Ads and you can exert any force you needed to exert on these people as they are your intentional subscribers.

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This can work really well if you needed to sell a product to them in the future.

  • Try using smaller email subscription popup banners

Smaller email subscription popups will give your readers the impression that you’re not forcing them to subscribe and it also leaves them the option to subscribe or not.

This is a very nice idea if you’re trying not to make your visitors go away or to scare them off.

You gotta make your website be what your visitors want it to be.

  • Try using smart banner placements inside posts in your article 

Try taking a tour to this website and see the email subscription badge being placed inside the website article body and they are just superb and appear like Ads.

I subscribed to their newsletter as a result of the smart placement.

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Maybe you should try that too.

  • Try keeping your email subscription widget on the first sidebar widget and see if it converts

Sometimes, your desktop visitors do need to see your email subscription widget first on the sidebar so as to draw their attention to it and as such, I hope you should take our word for it.

  • Try waiting a little before popping the email subscription option

Some websites do offer their visitors the privilledge to read their content for like 20 seconds before the email subscription popup comes up and this is a huge add to the success of the website.

At least, you allowed the reader to get a glimpse of what the article is all about and also to decide weather to continue reading or not when the email subscription popup comes on.

  • Wrapping up

Decreasing the interaction of your visitors with your website can be a very huge no to the success of your website and this is because you cannot read and score your contents alone, you need people to do that.

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Best advised, do not use email subscription popups at all, better make use of Email subscription badges as in posts and see a better conversion and user experience.

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