Why Some Blog Posts Move From Google Fourth Page to Google First Page

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So, you might be wondering why your articles do move from Google fourth page to Google first page without you actually doing anything to it or better still, you still see this as a magic and a dream come through as several people will have to click through to read your content.

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Well, the reason is quite simple just that you might not have noticed it yet while writing and publishing your post.

Believe me, every blogger has their own story and approach to every blogging issue or even news when it has to do with entertainment websites and as such we do have our unique ways of reporting our own happenings and that’s not how everyone writes about everything.

Take, for instance, Prospernoah of prospernoah.com and Joy Okoro of Theprofany.com together reviewed NNU income program and Wakanda.ng income program but they had their own unique approach to the fact they spoke about notwithstanding they still arrived at the same point after the said review.

I used two prolific Nigerian make money online bloggers to have my explanation made.


Some time ago, I was made to understand that website articles do rank on Google first page out of the SEO structure and the exact keyword targeted while writing the article but I took an exception to this because I had the experience of what I wished to share with you today on my website Blogincomes.com.ng.

  • My experience

The first time I wrote an article about how to verify UK Adsense in Nigeria, I never ranked on Google first page but I was on the fourth page of Google for the keyword (how to verify UK Adsense in Nigeria).

So something happened.

I was competing with the big MOZ who have written the same exact article on their website and as an SEO GURU, I read their content and found out that they had little less than 500 words on their articles and I leveraged the first SEO technique which is (Write above 1,000 words).

They equally didn’t use the keyword strongly in their content as well so I leveraged the weak point by mentioning my key phrases as severally as required.


I was not able to rank better than their websites in Google SERPS in two weeks (I mean literally coming up on Google first page).

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First two days, I checked my website to find out that I was still on Google fourth page as before so I forgot I even had an article written on how to verify UK Adsense in Nigeria.

I started receiving tons of traffic from this article in not less than a week and this increased to 100 visitors daily to 400 visitors daily to the same post.

I was quite flattered by what I was seeing.

So I made to Google search engine result to search for the same keyword again and I was already on Google first page and I knew where this success came from as one of my website visitors made a comment before using my detailed steps.

She said;

“I have looked over on Google and your own explanation matched everything I really needed, Thanks for the tips”.

Again, I was flattered.

So, in a nutshell, my article went from Google fourth page to Google first page and you could say that was a miracle right?

Well, that wasn’t a miracle as I know what caused the shift to success and I am about to share it with you guys today.

The two reasons I moved from Google fourth page to Google first page.

  • First, Several people clicked through my website content


If you hadn’t noticed, several website contents tend to move higher in their google search position ahead of others when their meta description offers a better range of understanding to Google search engine users.

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This was the same case as it concerned my website content from the fourth page of Google to the first page of google.

I was aware that I received a very good number of web traffic from Google search and the CTR was enough to suggest something t the readers, which is…

This website content offers better understanding than what other websites offer and as such, if it was still left out in the fourth page of Google, then people might have to consider Google as incompetent as they see the CTR on this website and still leave it in the fourth page.

“I mean, what the hell are they thinking it was the reason the content is receiving much clicks?”

This is the same situation a Google Adword advertiser faces when some certain websites do perform better through CTR on Google search and in the end, they may push the Adword advertisers to the second page of Google search and dominate the first page.

I suppose you have seen this in several search terms on Google search and we all know that naturally, Google adword advertisers should dominate the first page of Google but the big issue here is the CTR on other non-advertising websites.


  • I made a perfect use of my rich snippet and explained my website content much better than several people do

While making sure I wrote an impeccable content, I equally made sure that I used my snippet very perfectly and also said exactly what you could be looking for immediately you had the keyword how to verify UK Adsense in Nigeria in mind once you visited Google search.

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The rich snippet plugin is the best SEO plugin I have seen as it allows you make a better description of your content to Google researchers and with this, you stand a very good chance of getting picked up out of the many websites begging to be clicked.

It makes you look more like a king in what you do and even when you do not know exactly how to write very very well, make sure you use very non-comparable snippets in your write ups and of course you will stand a better chance of directing search engine visitors to your website than you even think.

“I hope you have seen several websites that ranked on search results without using a good snippet and I presume you just by-passed them and wouldn’t check back again even if they had good and mouth watering contents in them, but their snippet have done the dirty work on them.

What Google researchers really need is a better description of what matches what they have in mind while searching for a particular keyword and once they see that, BOOM!!! they’re in”.

The above two reasons are why I moved from the fourth page of Google to the first page pf Google in space of two weeks for a very competitive keyword.

I can say several websites are getting it all wrong as many of them were there on the Google search result for the keyword I targeted but I still outranked them and this was no miracle as everything technical has a logical explanation but we know quite right we couldn’t have pulled this off without the support of our website SEO analyst and a dedicated webmaster dopitech.com Admin Finest.


  • Now, if we decided to wrap up;

Most times, using these numerous SEO tactics we learnt from webmasters and the ones we read up ourselves can be quite challenging but I will ask you to put up more effort and use these two things I put up here you will never feel disappointed that you did so.

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We do have an indepth research before we write as we try to make sure that the ones we write do not affect you negatively but will help you build your website visitors in no distant time and build a better business.

You can use the rich snippet plugin to achieve a very good snippet for your articles and leverage good clicks from Google search results.

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