NNU Earnings Withdrawal; You Must Refer To Withdraw Your Earnings

NNU earnings withdrawal and the criteria.

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I know the above heading may get you wondering if it is true or not.

Permit me to bring you to an understanding here;

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Note: We do not write our reviews on blogincomes.com.ng here to impress you, we do write to tell you exactly what you should know.

It is the gospel truth.

I have always heard that NNU.ng income program paid their participants well and I quite believed it as well myself but not until something happened.

I have always written reviews about such fraudulent programs here in my website notwithstanding the fact that I never wrote about that I never knew how it worked or not.

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  • We always said something here @blogincomes.com.ng: We never promoted services we do not use and we will never tell you what we do not know simply because we wanted to take the benefit of it or to make people buy from us.

So this time, we wished to point out to something that is really eating me deep since the last time I found out about it and this is about the payment method of the NNU.ng income program.

just as it might seem quite convincing, I have been able to see several authority websites in the same make money online niche who always went for reviews of what they do not actually know everything about.

This is a very huge discredit to these websites I must say.

  • Let me be frank with something here;

Before you write any review on anything, be it an ad network,  a make money online program, a software, a game in fact anything at all, we do seriously advise you use the stuff you’re about to review before writing about them as several people may depend on these reviews written by authority websites for their judgment of several things.

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There are websites like prospernoah.com, theprofany.com, awogorom.com and several others that have written a detailed guide about how to make money using NNU.ng income program and they focused on everything about the said program but we here @blogincomes.com.ng did write only on how to make money using this program by just referring people to the program (Which is said to be the fastest way to earn with the program) but nonetheless we didn’t focus on several points other than just how to refer people and earn.

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This is the exact reason I should focus this concern on these websites that wrote a detailed way to earn with these programs without putting in the most basic function of the program which is Before Nnu Earnings Withdrawal can be made, YOU MUST REFER PEOPLE TO GET PAID.

Doesn’t this sound awful?

  • Yeah, apparently it is really awful.

Then as a result of this, we decided to point out the sides that you may never have known as an NNU.ng news reader and comment participant.

Note: This is a review specifically written for the purpose of those who read news only and comment on posts in the platform. If you happened to fall into the participants of these kind aforementioned, then you will need this guide to help you place your hands in a better place.

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Actually, there could be a reason you have not noticed this problem with the system before and this is because of the fact that you may have referred someone before and another person so in such view you will never see what we are about to say here but in a situation whereby you read news, comment on them and just share sponsored posts, you will be a victim of this circumstance.

Hope we got you with this above insight?

Now read on.

Is NNU.ng really a refer and earn program ( Verdict on the Nnu Earnings Withdrawal )

To be frank with you,NNU.ng income program isn’t a refer and earn program as you can still earn while you;

  • Read posts
  • Share posts
  • Comment on them
  • And also referring people to the program

But those that get paid are those that only refer people to the program and the least people to refer to be paid out is 2 persons. I have since wondered why no authority website have written on this or have they not seen that complaint from their downline?

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I suppose the reason they have never written about is just that they do not participate in the reading news, sharing posts and also commenting on the posts written in the platform.

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They do just refer people through their websites and earn without looking deeply into the program and most times, people they refer do refer other people and then they do not find out about this.

I quite do not blame the authority websites in Nigeria writing about NNU.ng income program review much but I do blame the system for not providing the information in their own platform.

Least they could do is to try out every earning side of NNU.ng income program and see the results before coming out to the public with their review.

I must say again, several people do refer to these quality reviews we share to make their decisions.

This could be considered a scam as far as I am concerned.

  • Why do NNU.ng income program scam their meager participants? ( Nnu Earnings Withdrawal )

Wouldnt you believe with me that if you’re not there to read the news then nothing will actually make sense in any way?

The NNU.ng income program is the survival of the fittest where only the referrals to earn money on the platform and the news readers and post sharers do not earn anything even considering if your earnings are above the threshold of withdrawal.

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In NNU.ng income program, as a post sharer, post reader, comment members in the platform, you will never be allowed to withdraw your earnings on the platform unless youre able to get two people to signup under you.

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Two people at that?

Yeah, you heard me right, you must refer two people to get paid.

A victim laid his complaint to me that;

I was never aware of this happening not until yesterday, I was asked by a participant who couldn’t find people to refer to the program what are the criteria to withdraw his earnings, I told him boldly that he must be above the withdrawal threshold as did I gather from an authority domain prospernoah.com but I was wrong by my presumptions.

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He quite told me he has above #7,000 in the account currently as we spoke but the only real-life problem now was how to withdraw the earnings.

He was told by the NNU.ng system that he cannot withdraw his earnings until he referred two more participants but the rule wasn’t anywhere to be found in the NNU.ng income program system and their T&Cs.

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So why the scam? ( Nnu Earnings Withdrawal )

If they really need you to be a member of the platform, at least they should tell you everything you needed to know about it and not just a fraction of it so when you get deep you will start having problems here and there with the rules they didn’t mention earlier.

So, wrapping up

If you have ever felt this same way about the NNU.ng income program, please do call us to order in the comment section and please, this is strictly for people who have never referred anyone to the platform but only earned using commenting, reading news and post sharing.

2 Replies to “NNU Earnings Withdrawal; You Must Refer To Withdraw Your Earnings

  1. i have 13800 in my nars earning nd nothing in my referral earning….. i have been dedicated to NNu fo more than 2 months. now i want to with draw nd they are telling me shit.

    i manage get one referral yet they still wont pay me..

    i am and i really need this money what should i do

    1. We here @blogincomes are really sad to hear this.


      NNU have gone the wrong way truth be told and now, even if you have the whole 2 referrals, they will not still pay you sir.

      In my best opinion, I would say relax and see the money as gone as the system have started off a new scam attribute that you cannot get paid even upon 30 referrals.

      This have happened to a close friend and a contributor to our website.

      In my opinion, see what you should do…

      I know you might find it hard trusting other refer and earn platforms but I think you should give the payglobal.com.ng a trial as their full review we wrote is still giving the same from the time we wrote it till now.

      Do not refer anyone else to NNU income program for they will not pay you up even upon that and also if you wish to know if what we are saying is true, try referring someone and you will see the result yourself.

      Do have a brilliant morning ahead.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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