Whogohost Affiliate Program Review: Earnings Payment Schedule Explained


We are not writing a long article today. We will just make this as concise as ever and not mistakenly miss our information to be passed.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way of making a good income from your website no doubts. This is a program that is supposed to be as open and free as air without any hidden sides to the affiliate marketers.

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Most times, if not all the time,  affiliate marketing companies do make some mistakes in how they choose to let their marketers see them and most times it isn’t a good thing for them.

We are speaking of whogohost affiliate marketing platform here and our main point of focus is the way they pay their affiliate marketers.

If you have affiliated with whogohost then I suppose you might understand what I mean by this and as such we are writing with the same driving force we usually write with which in terms is an experience.

Our experience with whogohost affiliate marketing

Our previous review

A few days back, we were forced to write about whogohost affiliate marketing under the specific reason for my payment for affiliate sales being withheld with pending status in my dashboard for over three weeks.

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There I explained how I sold a 12GB Linux hosting worth of #8,575 and I got credited with #1,278 but it was laid pending in my whogohost affiliate dashboard for over three weeks.

Nonetheless, I trashed the post before anyone could notice and here is why!

Our recent review

We received a phone call on the 27th of June 2018 about the previous article we published concerning whogohost affiliate marketing and this said phone call explained everything we needed to know about whogohost affiliate marketing and their method of payment.

We never knew about this as it was nowhere written around the website homepage and its numerous pages and most importantly, the affiliate earnings page.

But we guess we know now.

Give us the privilege to educate you on what we learned on whogohost affiliate marketing payments

If you affiliate with whogohost affiliate marketing, or if you’re still planning to do so, these tips will come in handy for your consumption.

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  • . Whogohost affiliate payment is minimum is #3,000
  • . You’re credited with #500 upon signup
  • . Your current earnings will be kept on pending till you finally reach your minimum threshold for payment
  • . Whogohost delays payment until full satisfaction is derived by the buyer before you’re paid
  • . Just for better conversion sake, whogohost affiliate links convert better than the affiliate banner
  • . Whogohost pays affiliates monthly upon reaching your withdrawal threshold

We learned these above points from our contact with whogohost team and this is what I have to say about this.

Since I have known the reasons behind what happened to me, I will be going back to the hosting but certain things have to be taken care of first.

So my advise to whogohost and several other affiliated companies

  • . Do not make your marketers look for your own beneficial information on your website (make them as obvious as possible)
  • . Give your marketers tips to maximize their earnings as it is that if they earn you earn
  • . Educate them thoroughly on the rules and most importantly, the payment method for their earnings

We think we are done here.

Wrap up

As the above explained, every other affiliate company have to know its a very crucial idea letting your marketers know your terms to avoid difficulties when it arrives in payment or earnings.

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