Whogohost Affiliate Review: My Bad Experience With Whogohost Affiliate

Whogohost Affiliate Review: Here is My Very Bad Experience With Whogohost Affiliate program and why I will never use them again for wordpress hosting.

I wouldn’t want to believe that everything about Nigeria is simply bad but anyways I will keep the mindset for now till I explained my ordeal with whogohost affiliate marketing program from the day I registered with them.

I have been a partner with several foreign websites and affiliate programs and I have promoted several brands of goods for quite a long time without problems and I got paid on and at when due.

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I never had any issues with the brands I promoted, as these brands ranged from:

  • . Namecheap
  • . Hostgator
  • . Ipage
  • . Siteground
  • . Fatcow
  • . Bluehost

These list of brands have worked well with me and my audience as well but recently I took another turn to market what I know would benefit my audience and I as well.

I looked into several reasons why I should promote a local hosting and domain name provider and in the end, all reviews read about them pointed to the same brand (Whogohost).

I decided to give this Number 1 brand in Nigeria a try and see if they really worth their claim and accolades.

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Why I joined whogohost affiliate program

Over the years when I promoted other foreign web hosting companies, there were bids on cheaper web hosting services and equally several newbie bloggers needed a cheap hosting to start off their websites with so I thought I could give them my best shot.

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I worked on several clients websites alongside dopitech.com admin Finest and we decided to switch to whogohost services for a single reason for maximizing our revenue and equally bringing more people to their hosting network.

Though this sounded as the plan of a greedy man but we pushed forward.

My bad experience with whogohost (Whogohost Affiliate Review)

I wouldn’t like to deny the Number 1 Nigerian hosting company their good side considering our last review on their downside upgraded for better user experience. Whogohost offers a 100% web hosting experience to their customers that is without a doubt.

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This notwithstanding, I still have a very bad story to tell of them.

Sooner did I started registering people under their network, it started getting popular by the day to the said extent that I could have 10 websites hosted in their platform through my direct conversation with my clients in two weeks.

Sure that was progress.

I plucked in the mind of an Igbo man in my success with hosting websites under whogohost and I decided to kickstart an affiliate program with them.

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And yes I did.

I placed my affiliate links in some of my articles generating the most traffic for my website and I placed their 300*250 banner in the sidebar of my website.

I placed the affiliate link in strategic points in my websites post and sure the clicks were coming.

Just as I did this, I realized something.

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These people I used to register when I never was an affiliate marketer with whogohost were never going to buy hosting from whogohost if I never recommended it to them using oral conviction.

How did I conclude this?

I was able to generate 285 clicks to my affiliate link placed on my website to whogohost but I was only able to make a single sales with the clicks I sent.

I sold a 12 GB Linux hosting for #8,500 and I was credited with #1,270 as my affiliate sales commission.

Read on for the last straw that broke the camels back.

The certain affiliate commission I received was kept on pending on my dashboard for over three weeks and I grew worried over it.

I filed a report using whogohost customer support line and my complaint was said to be sent the appropriate quarter so I should calm down and I did.

A few days later I wasn’t credited so I opened a support ticket with the company website and for four days now I haven’t received any response upon my complaint.

I tried using their live chat support to uphold my complaint and they shut me off.

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Now I suppose I have tried everything I could to notify them of my ordeal but they wouldn’t listen.

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My question ( Whogohost Affiliate Review )

Should I continue worrying them for my money or should I just leave it for them?

This has been over some time and I am still trying to get back the cash from them and it isn’t a very fair idea I must confess.

Final words

If you happened to be looking for a reliable affiliate to join in Nigeria here, I sincerely advise against Whogohost as to avoid what happened to me happening to you.

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I am not trying to make you understand that the web hosting company is not good with their hosting services but their affiliate services aren’t anything to write home about and this is the reason I quit from it.

You can read up other whogohost affiliate reviews online and know if you will join them or not.

2 Replies to “Whogohost Affiliate Review: My Bad Experience With Whogohost Affiliate

    1. First, when did you start using their services?

      If you have just started using them, well I guess you’re new to it. I suppose you check out certain things about them and some reviews I even updated about their services I fore times.

      Consequently, their services have developed better but the problem is that their affiliate system which I explained here has been a pain in the ass to every one of their marketers and they have never wanted to do anything about the damn affiliate system which is not a very good idea if I am asked to say.

      I will be writing a review about it sooner.

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