Top 5 Steps To Create A Niche Website And Earn $500 Through Google Adsense

I know you must have wondered how we could say that you can create a niche website and earn as little as $500 from it monthly using google Adsense.


We have tried exploring several ways to earn income through a website and we have never been able to arrive exactly at what we want for our readers.

This is quite awful and disheartening to us.

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We have equally explored several ways for us to arrive at a strategic point to help our visitors to fully create and monetize their respective websites.

Note: this is a guide directed towards the fact that google Adsense have initiated a new rule with deductions on estimated earnings as a result of several issues.

So finally, we have decided to put a smile on the faces of our readers.

Here @, we have developed our own specified process for creating a website and earning a good amount from it monthly for Nigerian bloggers.

Let’s proceed with what a niche blog really mean.

Niche blog

A niche blog is simply a blog that is concerned specifically with certain information and ideas which simply covers a specified area and nothing more than that.

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This can better be explained as a blog which focuses and centers its idea and writings on a particular point of idea like say technology, blogging tips, health (In health choose: fitness as a niche) and a host of several others.

Having explained what a niche blog is, it will interest us to let you know the idea and the single advantage of a niche blog which crowns everything in a general blog.

Single advantage of a niche blog

. Google search engine do rank this website better than general blogs in terms of search result and SEO rankings.

This is as a result that this website tells google or makes google to know exactly what they are talking about in precise terms and equally, all the articles are relating to one another.

Did we get you with this tip?

If we did then read on as this is getting better interesting.

Not forgetting why we are here, let’s quickly jump-start to the steps in creating a website that earns you $500 or above monthly using google Adsense.

. Step one

  • Get a hosting plan from a reliable host.

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Get yourself a reliable host and start your way to your earnings online. This is the best way to create your online presence and the best first step to make.

  • Get a domain name for your business

Now you can get your domain name and link it to your host.

If you’re not good at this then you can hire me.

. Step two

  • Setup your website in the most appropriate way

Setting up your website requires the necessary plugins, settings and the overall approach a professional would use on his website.

Some of the basic plugins are:

  • . Yoast SEO
  • . Jetpack for web traffic analysis
  • . Wp Quads for ads placement
  • . Advanced ads for ads placement. Basically for infeed ads
  • . Insert headers and footers for code verification

These are the basic plugins to use on a newly created WordPress website.

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Anything else is an add on.

You can still hire me if you need this done in minutes.

  • Setup your website SEO to be excellent
  • Use the most recommended wordpress SEO plugin (SEO by Yoast).
  • Set this plugin up very well in the free mode and you’ll get tons of visitors daily. Better still you can go for a paid plan.

See the paid plans here!

You can equally contact a professional in the field to do this for a little token. Click here!

. Step three

  • Invest your time in keyword research

This is where bloggers make the most mistake.

Invest your time in keyword research and make sure you get the best keywords for your website ranging from medium to low competition keywords in the data given.

We will be writing soon on why you shouldn’t target the high competition keywords in google keyword planner.

But know this: you cannot compete with the large industries om SERPS first page, that’s a fact.

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Gather many keywords relating to your website with lower or average competition (Best use google keyword planner)

Since we are trying to target search traffic from google, I suggest its best we used what google themselves provided for webmasters. So in other words I strongly recommend google keyword planner to be used for this function.

. Step four

  • Write SEO loving articles with respect to the keywords selected

Do an extensive research on how to write good SEO loving article and you’re just a little way to go to making a huge traffic from the internet and google search engine.

Write with a good heading and an SEO optimized article body so you’ll get to rank well on search and this will equally boost your readers experience in your website while reading your articles.

  • Edit your snippet, choose a soothing tag and meta tags for your post

Sometimes your snippet and how you appear on search affects how many visitors you’ll get from the internet users.

If you have more discrete information in your snippet and it appears to be catchy, you’ll generate clicks to your website and better still higher conversion.

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. Step five

  • Focus on more quality content creation

As Bill Gates would say (Content is king).

Focus your idea on creating a very high quality content and success will be your own starting point.

If you can generate several search visitors to your website using these above tips, then what will make you earn less than $500 monthly?

I suppose you’ll make more.

So with this, we will be wrapping up our written article.

Wrap up

I know you have never read such a review or better still defined as a guide online as every other guide still said the same thing but we are writing on google search traffic basically and google Adsense.

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If you followed these simple rules and steps, you’ll end up ranking your website to google search engine and receive tons of traffic.

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