How To Place The Infeed Ads In A WordPress Website (A New Approach To Monetization)


I wouldn’t like to go the long and boring procedure of writing in details what Adsense is as it relates and affects bloggers.

So I am going to be more direct while writing this article.

In this article, we will be exploring the procedures to implement the Google Adsense infeed ads on a WordPress website.

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Not minding I said no big explanations, this grand tutorial will consist of a little explanation of the infeed ads before I would proceed as some bloggers basically newbies and equally some oldies might not have the idea of what I am writing about.

The infeed ads (Briefly explained)

This is an ad specifically created by Google to be placed on the homepages of a website between posts so as to increase conversions on the ads. The infeed ads work better sometimes to increase website ad revenue since from analysis, it seems to be that much web visitors do land on websites homepage more than every other page.

This is good as web visitors keep seeing ads on the homepage apart from the header ads and the sidebar ads with the footer ads.

“This is best for mobile visitors as in normal placements they see only the header ads first but in this placement, visitors will see as many ads as possible and this increases conversion rate”.

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Let’s quickly check the procedures to place the infeed ads on a website (WordPress website).

  • . Install the advanced ads plugin (Specifically built for the infeed ads)

Install the advanced ads plugin from the plugin section of your WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin. When the plugin is activated, locate it in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard and explore it thoroughly.

  • . Go the advanced ads and install ads infeed external plugin

In the advanced ads plugin, click on the advanced ads, another screen will show up with several options.

Now install the external free plugin called Adsense infeed from the advanced ads home and equally activate it.

  • . Go to ads and create a new ads

Here you choose the name you want the ads to bear and click on Adsense ads button, a blank space will appear then go to the next step.

  • . Now go to your Adsense account and login

Login to your Google Adsense account and this will take you directly to the homepage.

  • . Click on ads

Ignore the auto ads format (the new Adsense placement by google default).

  • . Click on new ads

Click on the ads and you have to go to the blue box on your left-hand side above and select the new ads option.

  • . Select the ads infeed format

Of the four format give out there on the new ads button, select the infeed ads and move to the next level.

  • . Copy the code

Copy the code snippet and go to the WordPress dashboard and perform the next task.

  • . Back to the advanced ads page and place the code in the blank space and click on get details and this will leave two more steps ahead to be taken.
  • . Click on the next button with blue color
  • . Click on the finish button with a blue color
  • . Then the ad will be saved
  • . Proceed to placements under the advanced ads plugin
  • . Choose the ads infeed format formerly installed
  • . Then name the ads in the next column
  • . Then select the pre-saved ads in the last column and save the ads
  • . Then go to placements and duplicate the ads into several points you want it to appear and please choose wisely
  • . Go to the advanced ads settings and select some options.

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Here are the options and the selections below:

  • . Disable ads show only in three places on your website
  • . Mark ads to be tagged advertisement
  • . Mark ads to open in a new browser window
  • . Select the box hide ads from Bots

Wrap up

We sincerely hope that this article helped you to find new ways to increase your revenue through ads placements.

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