Should You Hold Your Websites Comments For Moderation? What You Should Know.


We are not trying to make you understand that your website should be left non moderated for comments or equally moderated for comments but this all depends on how you wish to look at it and equally I believe our guide will help you make a good choice.

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Note: we understand that some bloggers do visit their websites admin panel almost daily while some do that in weeks (Like myself). If you fall into those that check their websites weekly or longer, you’ll need to set your comment box to non-moderation of comments.

A few days back I visited my websites admin panel as I am not always checking my admin panel daily, and I noticed something awkward.

I have almost 18 comments on different posts waiting for moderation in my comment box.

These were not just comments but some serious questions and some accolades to my writings and of which I do not take comment questions too likely and meaningless.

“They build a strong relationship with website visitors and website owners”.

In this instant, I approved all comments held for moderation and replied to them all in their respective nature as some were questions and some were compliments and equally some were thanks.

Sequel to this, I took interest in website comments being held for moderation and today I decided to drop out a little article on it.

I know several people would like to keep their comment moderated to avoid spam comments but I would advise you keep your comments at not held for moderation.

Still, there are several reasons which can make you want to leave your comment not held for moderation and these reasons I must say are professional reasons. With regards to what I experienced, I would like to emphasize on these reasons why several websites do not hold their comments for moderation.

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Criteria for professional websites not to hold comments for moderation

. Website niche

Certain niches in blogging don’t hold their comments for moderation because they experience reasonable comments and equally their subject of write-ups doesn’t require nuisance.

When we speak of these website niches, we are trying to refer to health niche, blogging tips niche, tech niche, business idea niche, make money online niche, education niche and a host of other clinical niches.

Comments received in these blogging niches doesn’t seem to be too of a point per se.

Note: this doesn’t mean the above listed kinds of websites do not receive spam comments but they will be in little proportion than the websites that recieves tons of it.

Bloggers in the above niche should try not to be too forward to place comment moderation in their websites as it have its own disadvantage.

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. Kind of visitors experienced in the website

If you have good, learned, matured and dedicated visitors, not ones coming from random sources, you’ll need not to place comments for moderation as none of your visitors will react in a childish manner.

Not in other words if you experience unethical visitors then you need to place your website’s comment for moderation as they could harm your other visitors using their comments.

. Kind of articles written

As Harsh Agrawal always said “content is king”, certain website contents do not get you good comments and some does.

This then boils down to the kind of articles found on your website. If you write clumsy articles and unverified and unethical stuff, you’ll get several silly comments.

If on the other hand, you write articles of high quality with full proof of being verifiable, then you wouldn’t have to bother about spam comments as they would never come.

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“Good content is good but the quality good content is better”.

. Finally, the nature of your websites comment section

We often speak of forums for people to come in and share ideas and I would like to affirm that some person websites comment box are not an exception.

Some websites eg have their comment section as a form and so does,,, and a host of several others.

If your websites comment section have graduated into a forum for discussion on any topic you write about, then you’re almost there to leave your website comment section non-moderated.

These four reasons above have been tried and proven to be substantial in performance and equally in proving the fact to what we wrote here.

We would equally like to point out why some websites do hold their comments for moderation and equally do away with spam comments.

Naturally, some kinds of websites do attract silly and funny comments (spam) and the best website that does that is:

  • The news website
  • Politics
  • Advertising
  • General entertainment
  • Niche entertainment

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These above-listed websites may attract someone to publish a comment on sex drugs and equally insults on the specified person or celebrity or politicians talked about in an article.

Check,,,,, and a host of several others.

These websites having their comments moderated is simply because anyone can drop any silly note and get away with it.

These websites are advised to use ASKIMET PLUGIN (A WordPress plugin for comment moderation. Basically takes care of spam comments).

The Askimet helps moderate comments which are likely to be spam will the admin approves the comment himself.

Reasons, why people receive spam comments in their website comment section, are equally the same headings as listed above but quite frankly the opposite of every of the explanation give alongside it.

Wrap up

Take a nature hike with your website and explore what we just wrote and see if it works for you.

We believe 90% will give a positive response as we equally know that what works for one might not work for another.

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You can hold your website comments for moderation according to your own discretion but equally, I would wish you to know that holding website visitors comments for moderation discourage them from commenting.

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