PTC Sites in Nigeria; Why Several Nigerians Do Not Partake in PTC websites

Ptc Sites In Nigeria; this is why Nigerian do not partake in this.

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I suppose you know what exactly is a PTC website?

If you do not, it will be our honor to walk you through it.

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A  PTC (Ptc Sites In Nigeria) website is a website which employs people to visit other websites links and click ads in them or perform a specific action in the website like commenting, signing up, subscribing to the newsletter and a host of other several jobs.

These websites pay people a little fraction of the advertiser’s bid to perform the desired action and they bank the higher end of the income.

Hope you understood what a PTC website means in a nutshell?

Now let’s get down to business on the Ptc Sites In Nigeria

I have recently analyzed several factors why I see only foreign countries in these PTC websites and basically the USA, Thailand, Germany Switzerland, Croatia and several others.

You can make quite a handful of income if you’re using these PTC websites daily and spend much of your time with them but there are certain restrictions which several people suffer in this that couldn’t make them make enough money using these PTC websites.

We are just about discussing the reason why these PTC websites always seem too hard or difficult to work for some people in some GEOs and regions.

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  • Here are the reasons why you cannot use a Ptc Sites In Nigeria to make money

. Power failure

As it is with power failure hindering many actions and money making programs in Nigeria, it is still one of the basic reasons why Nigerians do not partake or do well in PTC websites because it requires being online every waking moment to make something from this platform.

When you do not have a steady supply of power in your area as a Nigerian, believe me, you wouldn’t want to waste #500 diesel on a generator that will last for maybe 8 hours and make only $1 in such a time frame.

Every right-thinking man must be gain conscious so if your spending exceeds your earning its a wrong turn taken.

This is one of the problems people do face in this Nigeria while using PTC websites.

. Paid data

When you’re using your own data for browsing reasons, you should try to minimize it as much as possible.

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Considering the fact that people in outside countries do use wifi for browsing and at virtually no cost, they are much more prone to working with PTC websites than Nigerians.

While in Nigeria, we do make use of paid data to browse the internet and as such you wouldn’t have much data to waste on PTC websites so this is why you will not feel quite interested in PTC websites.

. Lesser ads to view due to the GEO location

We all know that when it comes to PTC websites, the GEO you fall in have to play the principal role here as it is that your GEO does determine how many ads you get to see and click per day.

Sometimes here in Nigeria, we do not get too many ads to click and other opportunities that pay higher are not available for Nigeria.

But for locations like USA, UK, Canada, they do get many ads to click and also several higher paying opportunities are available to them in order to make extra money.

. Network failure

Sometimes we get kicked out of the network for doing exactly nothing and this will hinder internet connection and as such will delay your online presence in the PTC website.

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Naturally, you should spend over 18 hours online clicking ads on PTC websites so you can make something out of it.

If you spend lesser time in any PTC website, you will never make a good income.

. Non truthfulness

Nigerians find it difficult being truthful that’s a natural trait.

Now when you’re not truthful with a PTC website, you will never complete the actions that people advertising in the platform wants and this will make you loose potentials and equally can get you off a service like

. Keeping TOCs aside

Nigerians do not wish to follow the terms and conditions of anything.

This will cause Nigerians not to be able to participate in PTC websites as it will be difficult for them to follow up the rules of PTC websites as they have well-defined rules to guide their advertisers.

Final words on Ptc Sites In Nigeria

To be truthful, several websites making good money from Google Adsense do make use of PTC websites to make money.

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You can now use such websites to make money from Adsense as they offer human visitors and also do offer legitimate clicks on ads.

I advise you use if you’re interested in any PTC website.

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