Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Having Huge Website Visitors But Little or No Clicks On Ads

Several times bloggers do complain that they have a good number of visitors to their websites daily but they fail in leveraging any meaningful clicks on their ads from them.

Notwithstanding you may have huge human traffic coming to your website, sometimes it is hard to convert them into paying visitors and we have come to the verge where we shall talk about this problem bloggers face.

Getting your website visitors to pay you through your website is a very difficult task and sometimes we wonder if it was the same ads showing on other bloggers websites who earn very very well that is still showing on your own website.

Let me answer your question

“Its the same ads that is showing but the issue is who sees your ads”.

Who sees your ads plays a very important role in website monetization as you know that your visitors conversion rate is determined by who sees your ads and their specific genuine interest.

Let’s quickly dive into why you do not have better clicks from your huge traffic as I presumed you’re here for the abvious.

Don’t have clicks? Here’s why.

If you have ever experienced the above stated, then you have only a single problem which I believe with the right tool you can take a very good care of it using our guide that we shall share here.

The only problem with not having enough clicks from your traffic is “TARGET”.

Now let’s take a good explanation of the above said.

Having huge traffic can be as a result of several reasons which are…

. Source of visitors

When your visitors keeps coming from a specific source without routine change in visitors calls for no clicks on ads or little clicks on ads.

The source of visitors that will never help you make enough money with your website through ads clicks are Facebook groups, Facebook pages, whatsapp groups, forums like jackobian, sending direct links to friends and bugging friends to visit your website.

Note: Facebook boosted and well targeted posts always do well to bring you several ad clicks so when I say Facebook pages I mean simply pages with already participating members.

. Ad blindness as stated by several webmasters

Here I will quote a website where whe said that several website visitors are now turning a blind eye on ads. This explanation extended to say that the ad blindness is always seen with image ads only.

This is why several advertising agencies/ad networks started offering text ads so as to increase the conversion of ads on CPC basis.

Should we say that blogging doesn’t pay anymore as a result of visitors not clicking on ads anymore?

No we shouldn’t as several other websites make a lot of money owing to the fact that they target their visitors real time.

. Failure in real time targeting (poor targeting)

One of the major things you should know about a website and having one is this…

“You will need targeted visitors to make returns”.

Yes it is true you will need real time targeting and also a very specified targeting in order to drive conversions. If you’re using visitors basically coming from search engine then you will have exactly nothing to worry about as it is basically the interest of visitors.

I have fallen victim to poor traffic targeting and I have learnt the hard way about traffic and its conversion. I suppose you wouldn’t wish to learn the way I did.

. Ads doesn’t relate to the web content

When you have web content that goes negative to your Adsense ads served in your website, it will be a very poor experience to get your visitors to click on your ads as though they do not have a connection.


“Optimize your website heading to confine with what google Adsense responsive link ads can serve you and synchronize with”.

. Adsense ads blocked for your website

If you’re a first time webmaster, you or your hosting team could have blocked the google Adsense bot and not realized it.

Because the bot cannot crawl your website, it cannot serve ads and this is why no one can click on them.

To sort this type in into a webpage or a browser window. If you see “Disallow: Mediapartners-google” on the page then you need to fix this issue to allow google ads run on your website.

How to fix robots.txt

You will need ftp access to your site to adjust or create a robots.txt file. Once you’re logged into the ftp, remove the offending lines from the robotx.txt file and add “user-agent: Mediapartners-Google” to the file. Leave the “Disallow:” line right underneath the user-agent line blank, like this:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


Wrap up

If you followed the rules above, you will not have any issue about your ads getting clicks from your website. The above written were handpicked and represents the total opinion of the writer and may possibly be disproved of by several other webmasters but in all we wrote what we know from our experience as webmasters.

Here @blogincomes we do write to educate our visitors and we do welcome comments. If you have anything to say or add please do so by the comment section.

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