Why Have My Adsense Estimated Earnings Dropped; An Explanation

Someone might be asking “Why Have My Adsense Estimated Earnings Dropped?”

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Truth be told

Not all bloggers have finally reached their withdrawal threshold with Google Adsense or any other Ads publishing media notwithstanding several of them claim they have withdrawn many times from Adsense.

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If you have ever reached your withdrawal threshold with Adsense and you found out that your earnings drastically reduced by several dollars or maybe slightly little amount which is considered significant at some point.

This is considered as “Google Adsense decrease in finalized earnings”.

Then you might find yourself asking Why Have My Adsense Estimated Earnings Dropped?

Well, here is My story

Last month February 2016, while using google Adsense, I was only able to make an estimated earning of £400 but I was paid out £85.58 pounds as my finalized earnings and I lost above £300 to invalid clicks and that was when my question emerged.

“Why Have My Adsense Estimated Earnings Dropped?”.

Recall that: here @blogincomes, we write what we know and also from experience from what’s happened to us.

The answer was quite simple as it was due to invalid traffic and also invalid clicks that was counting on my Adsense account.

During this time of using this said traffic, I was able to make close to £10 daily but in the end of the month I was thunderously amazed by the proceeds.

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As did I shared the reason why my Adsense estimated earnings decreased, I will like to ask you a question;

Have you ever experienced such as an Adsense publisher?

If yes, then you will need to look at the reasons why it happened to your account and your earnings and take the fastest possible cause to have it addressed as it could go further than just what you might be seeing now to hurt you better.

Reasons for decrease in google Adsense estimated earnings

  • Invalid traffic from non legit traffic sources
  • Invalid clicks from the non legit traffic sources
  • Incomplete actions to ads clicked
  • Repetitive ad click considering the said traffic is coming from a legit source
  • Referred traffic from certain sources like some paid traffic sources also causes invalid clicks on ads
  • Shallow or low interest of visitors on ads clicked

As a blogger, you have to take good care of the sources which your traffic comes from if you do not need to have the issue of invalid clicks coming to your Adsense ads.

Sometimes when we record invalid clicks on Adsense, we do not get paid but rather we get our accounts banned or disabled but still consequently I believe you know that an invalid click can equally pay you only to be deducted later.

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Having listed the above, let us now explain the solutions to avoiding invalid clicks on your websites ads and escape decrease in finalized Adsense earnings.

How to escape google Adsense decrease in estimated earnings

  • Source your web visitors from search engine only
  • Promote your website through the certified link
  • It is highly advised to use Google Adword, Bing Adword and SEMrush to promote your website
  • A bonus promotion link should be through Native Ads like Taboola
  • Avoid wrong ads placement on your website to avoid non interested clicks on ads
  • Better still, do not buy traffic from web traffic sellers
  • Finally do not force your visitors to click on your ads or either trick them to do so as it will bring forth invalid click on your Adsense ads

As a google Adsense publisher you should try as much as possible to be friendly with everything that could cause harm to your google Adsense account as it involves everything you should know about Adsense.

Sometimes, your normal human visitors can cause you hard in your Google Adsense earnings and as a result of this, you are advised to make sure you do not place Google Adsense Ads where the visitors may have a problem with exiting them and as a result will trigger accidental clicks.

Do not equally place Adsense Ads too close to texts and images to avoid people clicking them thinking they are images as this will get you baned almost immediately.

We believe this is one of the things you haven’t heard about much often as a google Adsense publisher, so here’s a start to it.

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  • Wrap up

We suppose you now understand why your website may be experiencing a decrease in google Adsense finalized earnings.

Taking these procedures and parameters into consideration will help you in all endeavor to find out how best to promote your website and keep your earnings intact and escape the issue of google Adsense decrease in estimated earnings.

Are you still asking the question of Why Have My Adsense Estimated Earnings Dropped

3 Replies to “Why Have My Adsense Estimated Earnings Dropped; An Explanation

  1. nice article.. i find this very helpful but i have a question which is this. Sourcing traffic from facebook ads which is majorly done with well targeted posts and only targets intrested individual .now can this also decrease ad revenue after reaching for a withdrawal.

  2. no sir it cannot.

    from studies, it have been shown and proven that the traffic of sort that causes such decrease in adsense earning is only paid traffic and referral traffic.

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