The Two Types Of Web Visitors You Should Expect to See in Your Website (A Guide For Professionals And Newbies)

In the blogosphere, several bloggers do feel disturbed about their website visitors and that of their counterparts as they may be having good number of visitors without leveraging any actionable action from them and the case is different with their counterparts.

“When we say actionable action we mean actions like comments, shares, leaving a like or rating your article”.

While this is the issue with several bloggers, sometimes we do see other websites that were able to leverage a lot of actionable actions on their articles every time they publish one and this is because of a reason.

“We wouldn’t want to compare ourselves with them as we do not get such actions on our websites would we?”

This will bring us to the topic of our discussion today which is the two kind of web visitors you should expect to see in your website.

There are basically two types of website visitor every blogger must have visiting their websites.

Let’s start with the…

. Actionable visitors

The actionable web visitors are those who always leave their actions back in your website after visiting your written article. They leave off actions such as comments, thumbs up, shares for other people to read on and also ratings if the website does have the rating scale for articles.

Sometimes these kind of web visitors do not actually click on your ads or leverage any useful interest in what you have to sell through your website but they just come to read articles and drop their actionable actions.

Note: actionable visitors we say also generate revenue for a website but they do more of leaving their actions on page visited than making revenue generating leads (ads clicks, affiliate link clicks or buying your ebook or direct ads).

This is why several online marketers do make a lot of mistakes while trying to find a website to advertise their business with as they simply assume that websites with several comments do bring in thousands of visitors daily.

“This is a wrong mindset”.

Websites which leverage a huge number of comments, shares and likes are not always of huge visitors daily as we normally think they do.

What kind of website needs actionable visitors?

These actionable visitors can be very very useful when it comes to some certain websites.

Websites such as consulting websites, review websites, coaching websites, sales websites, direct ads websites, personal websites, philanthropic websites and most of all websites that do not seek to earn from displaying ads on their web pages.

Now you know this, let’s move to the non-actionable visitors.

The Non-actionable visitors

These are the kind of web visitors that can leave an action like click on ads, and signing up through affiliate link and also buying your ebook but they might not leave off a comment on articles but sure you will make good amount with them visiting your website.

Which kind of website needs the Non-actionable visitors?

This is a straight and simple question as the kind of website that needs this non-actionable visitors is simply personal blogs/websites owned by bloggers who wished to generate revenue through their websites by placing ads on their websites or selling ads space to advertisers.

Note: sometimes, non-actionable visitors can leave actionable actions to your web pages.

Why are we writing this?

This is a write-up to differentiate the meaning of actionable and non-actionable visitors and what they really mean to a website and also the part they play in a website development.

Here @blogincomes, we do write our articles based on personal experience and facts.

Last month we tried to publish our monthly income report which was evaluated about €320 which was generated from Adsense only.

Considering we have non-actionable visitors visiting our website, we still made a good amount of revenue from them in as much as they visit and leave revenue generating actions.

Notwithstanding the fact, we still had close to a thousand visitors to our website daily more than some other blogging tips websites that have too many actionable visitors.

Where do actionable and non-actionable website visitors come from?

If you’re looking for a genuine way to source the actionable web visitors, I suggest you try these few points.

. Facebook targetted traffic

. Search engine referred visitors (SEO)

. Direct link click (using direct URL to visit your websites

. Traffic from top forums like Nairaland

. Direct bugging of friends and requesting an action to be left on the page visited

When we source traffic through these sources, we are deliberately seeking to get the actionable visitors to our websites.

Let’s now talk of where you can get your non-actionable visitors

Let’s look at the only way to generate non-actionable visitors to your website and generate severe revenue for your website.

. Buying web traffic from genuine sellers

This is the best way to generate non- actionable visitors to your website and in this I recommend

Since our prior reason for seeking the traffic is just to generate revenue for our websites then we do not really need them to comment on our articles since they are targeted visitors, the render their actions on our ads and our affiliate links and then leave.

Judging so from the non-actionable visitors, they do have a very high bounce rate.

Wrap up

In a general sense, you must always have either one of these kind of visitors to your website and with this laid down explanation, I believe you can now analyse what kind of web visitors you have and why you do have them coming to your blog.

If you have actionable visitors to your blog, it is best advised to make the blog an avenue for selling other stuffs other than placing ads on the website as the actionable visitors do not seek to take much interest in ads.

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