Adsense Alternatives 2018: This is Why Nigerian Bloggers Run From Nigerian Ads Networks

Several people claim that adsense alternatives 2018 still none wiull beat google Adsense as the best ads network in the globe and I do not seem to counter the motion about this fact anymore.

I was formerly of the opinion that google Adsense is not in all sides the best ads publishing networks in the globe for bloggers but I guess I have to refrain now.

Google Adsense pays a thousand times more than what other ads networks can offer/pay when it comes to CPC.

I started writing this article as a result of the motivation I got from a Facebook update of a fellow blogger who was using adquet ads which is one of the leading ads networks in Nigeria.

I was moved as I saw this and then I decided to explain to you why several bloggers in Nigeria seem to be running away from Nigerian based ads networks.

Reason Why Nigerian Bloggers Run From Nigerian Based Ads Network

It is seemingly awful that you’re a blogger and you do not make as good as $1.00 daily at least on Adsense but still several bloggers do not even make up to $1.00 in three blogging days considering they have good traffic to their website, say 300+ visitors daily upon serving Adsense ads on their website.

“When Adsense ads do not capture the attention of your visitors to click on I wonder what ads will do that”.

We are trying to do some research on adsense alternatives 2018 but Considering the fact that Adsense ads have better features to attract click than every other ads of which such features are:

  • . Responsiveness
  • . Clear
  • . Beautiful
  • . Rich media
  • . Highly contextual
  • . Attractive

These features stands Adsense ads out to attract more clicks than every other ads network and very much upon that, it pays good amount on every relevant click to your ads.

“Least CPC I have seen in my Adsense is $0.39”.

Now let’s look at Nigerian ads networks, their publishers seem to run away from them because they do not have any feature whatsoever that might warrant any clicks on the ads. Sometimes they look more like images and are never contextual.

Worst of all, some Nigerian based ads networks pays in kobo I mean sometimes the cost for a click is always #0.20 or less while some that claim to pay in dollars pay as little as $0.02 per click.

“Can you imagine how difficult it can be for a publisher to make #100 daily with Nigerian ads networks?”.

I still serve myself a personal experience with as I used them for three months on a highly functional website with a minimum of 500 visitors daily from google search engine with only $27 as they pay in dollars.

Let’s look at some points that drive away publishers from Nigerian ads networks apart from the above written.

Nigerian ads are…

  • . Non responsive
  • . Blurred
  • . Believe me they aren’t beautiful
  • . Lower media ads and also not easily changed
  • . Less attractive
  • . Nigerian ads are never contextual
  • . They serve ads which are very difficult to shuffle or rotate, that is to say, a hundred visitors looking visiting a particular webpage might be seeing the same ads for a very long time, sometimes it appears for days.

When your ads do not rotate with visitors, then you might experience something like having a hundred visitors without a single ad click.

Before you could start using ads on your website, do well to evaluate the ads and know what results you will be getting from the said ads in the future.

Left to me, google Adsense is the basic and should be know as the number one ads network in the globe.

Wrap up

Writing this about Nigerian ads networks doesn’t mean that other foreign ads networks are less good to it, no. Other foreign ads networks except google Adsense and also do not pay their publishers very well just as Nigerian ads networks.

I hope you have seen why several Nigerian Bloggers run away from Nigeria ads networks?

6 Replies to “Adsense Alternatives 2018: This is Why Nigerian Bloggers Run From Nigerian Ads Networks

  1. Ken, I stumbled on this article while searching for something else.
    I had actually ignored your post but on a second thought, decided to come back and enlighten you because I know you don’t understand the inner workings of an Ad Network.

    I am not here to make any excuse for any ad network and so I will speak for my organisation based on my experience so far as a Consultant at NG Adverts.

    There is a bad habit I have noticed most Nigerians have and that is the inability to read and follow simple instructions.

    On our platform, we have taken time to document most of our processes to help both Advertisers and Publishers make the most of our network but yet you still find out that Advertisers don’t target their ads and most Publishers still have not figured out the best ad placement on their site that will increase their earnings.

    When Advertisers don’t target their ads to keywords and site categories, how will there be contextual ads displaying on Publisher sites?

    Yes I agree that most ad networks don’t have appealing ads but all the same, there are Publishers on NG Adverts that make over a dollar daily on our platform from basic text and Native ads with just a decent traffic of about 2000 impressions.

    I’m sure you know that there are Publsihers who use Adsense with all its attractive ads and stuff but yet don’t make a dime for months?

    In summary, every platform has a secret; and it’s up to users to read the basic documentation provided by that platform and go on further to test its features to make the most of it.

    I also agree that Nigerian Ad networks have a long way to go but putting up posts like this won’t help the growth of this industry.

    Best regards!

    1. Thanks for dropping by NG adverts guy

      First, we wrote a review about how Nairapp ads network slowed down our website and you’re here claiming best ad network.

      I will be making this clear, someone also made some assertions about how good Nairapp ads network seems to be and we decided to use them and share their review.

      We will equally use NG adverts from today and share their review in a week or two so that we can get the overall rating for the Ad network.

      Considering the first encounter I had with Ng adverts, about my critics on Nigerian ad networks, I decided to write them a good review.

      see the review


      Not quite long after that this one happened, I will be writing a detailed review on this quite soon with real-time and detailed statistics.

      But just so you know, Nigerian Ad networks have nothing to do with generating income from a website rather they scam you.

      I have seen and received several profiles of bloggers who complained of their payments being withheld for more than months without getting paid from Ng adverts and other lookalikes.

      During my trial period, do well to prove me wrong.

      1. Kenneth, let me state here that this is not about proving you or any other Publisher wrong. We have a Program Guideline which most Publishers don’t read anyway. However, we take action when these guidelines are not met.

        If in the course of your trial period our guideline is violated, we will do the needful just like any other serious ad network out there.


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