My 2017 Blogging Mistakes Lessons I Learnt Blogging In 2017

It is difficult admitting I learned new things about blogging in 2017 considering how long I have lasted in the blogosphere, anyways several people did learn new things with blogging in 2017. Several people will deliberately heed theirs in their mind but what use is it, better spill it out and some other may benefit from your lessons.

Although I may not have the solutions to all these lessons I am about to share but I sure do for some. Blogging never gave me everything I asked for but at least I know I got something useful from it.

My lessons learned

  1. Never write too many irrelevant contents

I was a successful blogger when it comes to writing long and useless contents at some points till when I switched over to writing some useful contents which my website could rank better for on search engine results. From the start of 2016, I started blogging with several mistakes inherent in my ideas as a prolific blogger in which I targetted many ideas just for traffic sake and to create better sales which brought me To writing too many non-original contents.

I could recount this as my worst mistake blogging in 2017.

  1. Minding social media traffic other than SEO traffic

I was too central minded on social media traffic than SEO which is a wonderful step to the detriment of my website. I wasn’t getting all I wanted from social media traffic in terms of conversions and Alexa rating.

The social media traffic brought down my Alexa ratings and decreased my Google Adsense CPC because I used Google Adsense to monetize my website. I understand that traffic from social media is detrimental to Google Adsense earnings and the CPC and most times brings unwanted and irrelevant visitors to a website but alternatively, SEO traffic brings targetted visitors to a website and also increases Adsense CPC and revenue at large.

  1. Trying to bring in traffic from another website (So-called authority domains)

I also made the mistake of trying to buy traffic using banners on the so-called Nigerian authority domains like, and many other websites but all failed and couldn’t get me what I asked for.

I could equally recount this as my blogging mistakes in 2017.

Nothing is as good as bringing in the desired visitors to your website by yourself and allowing your visitors subscribe to your newsletter by themselves and not sourcing them anywhere else.

  1. Buying Facebook pages to boost traffic

I also tried buying already existing Facebook pages so as to boost my web traffic from the existing users but all these failed.

NB: bringing in visitors from already existing Facebook pages cannot fetch you what you need because the Facebook page is already built with the focus of another website.

If your website happened to be getting visitors from where actually wasn’t their origin, you’ll end up getting nothing from it.

BEST ADVISED: build your own traffic and page.

  1. Buying traffic from online traffic vendors

This is a very bad idea to consider if you are into buying traffic from silly and stupid sources of which above 95% of them sells fake traffic.

Buying traffic online brings up the traffic of your website and increases your revenue and Alexa rating but the question is this, from which source did you buy the traffic?

I can recommend two sources only which is google adword and bing adword.

Far from these two sources, anywhere else is a big scam and cannot guarantee 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  1. Joining Facebook groups to boost clicks artificially

This is the funniest thing that I have ever seen blogging in 2017. I joined a Facebook group where we exchange clicks and traffic geometrically but Google was too smart with the ads they serve and the traffic coming to their ads. To my detriment, I suffered two Adsense suspensions until I stopped it.

It is best to allow traffic to come naturally and the clicks will follow suit and this is to Google Adsense rules.

  1. Relying solely on Google Adsense revenue

This is a very detrimental idea for any blogger to place his/her trust and overall hope on Google Adsense because anything can happen along the line. We also know that Google Adsense is strictly on traffic basis for anyone to earn a handsome revenue on it.

As a result of this, it is strictly advised by me from experience and mistakes that bloggers should also embark on affiliate marketing so as to merge up their revenue in any case google Adsense fails.

NB: a business man should not rely on one source of income.

Wrap up

With these detailed mistakes I made blogging in 2017 I hope if you read my testimony you will not have to make such mistakes as did I. It will be highly appreciated of you added yours in the comment section.

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