Domainking Hosting Review, A Review Of The Cheap Local Hosting Company

Domainking Hosting Review.

This review is written according to the web hosting company Initial services, an update on This article will come forthwith.

It has been a long while we here started writing reviews about the local web hosting companies in Nigeria (as opposed to better or more expensive foreign hosts) and in our bid to specifically pick out the hosting one by one, we will not be putting aside the domainking web hosting as it is our topic for review in this article.

Have it your way is a webmaster, bloggers, an E-business owner in Nigeria and you wish to go online with your business, I suggest you consider domainking web hosting for a cheap reliable, and fast host for your website and online presence.

I am perfectly sure that several bloggers, webmasters, and E-business owners have shared their own views on their respective hosting providers (locally and internationally owned web hosting companies) but we derive joy in promoting our own products.

Today we shall be looking at the web hosting company’s detailed review. Background ( Domainking Hosting Review )

The is a web hosting company which is also considered a global government accredited domain registrar.

They started offering their services of domain registration, web hosting, and other relevant services to Nigerians in October 2014 with the actual day still not specific.

They started out in such a way that every Nigerian entrepreneur can own a domain.

Their.COM domain was registered for #499 offer for a year.

Since they decided to move into the country with their services, many Nigerian webmasters, bloggers, web designers, E-business owners have tested their services from their domain name registration to their web hosting services, while we tested these things, we never seem to forget the fact that we also tested their customer service which seemed to be close to no comparison as they treat each of their customers like they were the only one they are rendering their services to.

“I think this is enough reason to share their review with you, my fellow bloggers and webmasters”

  • Detailed Review ( Domainking Hosting Review ) is one of the most affordable and reliable web hosting company here in Nigeria and they are reliable in the sense that their uptime and support are without the match and also when we consider their prices with other web hosting companies, it’s relatively cheap and good for fewer pocket entrepreneurs.

“Could you see yourself hosting your website with #93/month?” I guess the answer to that is no.

Well, I suppose you try and you could see that happening just in your eyes.

With just #93/month you are good to migrate your website to WordPress from their server and the cool stuff is this, you could ask their support to move your website to WordPress for you in case you do not know the how to’s.

I severally used domainking a lot that is basically for setting up custom domains for Blogspot blogs of my clients and the fascinating part is that domainking offers free custom email that can be used for the blogspot blogs. You can as well register .com, .ng, domain names at domainking.

  • Web Hosting Features ( Domainking Hosting Review )

Let’s quickly dive into the features you will be seeing when you host or buy your domain name with

One of the most important features they offer is the “#NO NONSENSE WEB HOSTING PLANS” that is strict to say, you will get exactly what you’re paying for. I guess you know that this feature doesn’t apply to all Nigerian web hosting companies?. Let’s get on with their basic features below.

  • . A free .com or Domain with their hosting plans for the first hosting year. If you’re a blogger, this feature is cool, right?
  • . Websites load faster on their servers and better readability ensured as a result of no or lack of server overloading.
  • . Industry standard cPanel that is very easy to use and understand with every hosting plan. So this makes it relatively easy to manage your own website using domaining.
  • . You can create unlimited subdomains and unlimited emails from the cPanel with every hosting plan.
  • . Softaculous one-click installer app for installing all basic software like the WordPress, Joomla etc using one-click installation.
  • . They offer basic WordPress support like installation and some other issue handling etc.
  • . They guarantee uptime with all their hosting plans.
  • . Best customer support that answers every 24/7 with a delay of a few hours.
  • . Affordable pricing for all plans offers the most reliable and affordable pricing for starting a website or blog.

Their pricing is sincerely decent for the number of features they serve their customers in terms of hosting #93/month and domain #499/year.

If you’re looking for a web hosting company to answer your questions and support every 24/7 then is the choice to go with.

“They just understand the value of money”

  • Support ( Domainking Hosting Review )

They seem to offer both sales and support via chat, emails and support ticket system. Their support as we stated before is very reliable and helpful in providing the right solutions to problems. Every hosting plan has their bad side I guess. They still need to add a local phone number to their support database so they could be reached via calls. Far from this, their support is awe.

  • Earn from affiliate programmes ( Domainking Hosting Review )

You can earn from their affiliate programme.

This lets you earn up to 30% commission on their hosting products when you refer a friend or someone to their website and that person orders their hosting.

If you’re a blogger, this can be a very good way to earn some sit at home revenue. Check out their affiliate link

Wrap up ( Domainking Hosting Review )

If our review convinced you to purchase your hosting from them, then I suggest you can go ahead and start your website with the right host.

Go to web hosting plan now.

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