Web4Africa review. Top Domain And Hosting Provider in Nigeria.

I know you must be asking yourself the most important aspect of a website. Several people and webmasters would say it is the domain name, some others will say the hosting, some others will say the security and several others have several things to say about the most important part of a website. Well, I suggest you’re here for the obvious so I wouldn’t like to give you much of around story.

A domain name is the most essential part of a website. It mainly serves as the website address and e-mail handle. Every good website must start their journey with a domain name. If you happen to be a Nigerian entrepreneur and seeking for where to purchase your domain name, click here.

Typically on.NG domain names, we would like to explain in details how local entrepreneurs can purchase their domain names from the local domain name seller Web4Africa.

Buy domain name from Web4Africa

The web hosting company and domain name seller is as accredited Nigerian TLD domain name seller .NG and they offer the sales of this domain name at an affordable price. Let me quote them here,

Here at Web4Africa, we sell domain names which include…

  • . .NG
  • . .com.ng
  • . .org

These are the basic domain names offered. They also offer generic domain names like…

  • . .com
  • . .net
  • . .org
  • . .biz
  • . .Africa
  • . . Xyz

NB:.Africa domains are now available to be sold at a cheap rate at Web4Africa.com.

. We4Africa Web hosting service

We earlier spoke about some Nigerian web hosting companies and we never gave them that credit as being 100% effective for their partonizers but we think in this effect our views should change as well.

Web4Africa offers web hosting and their services have never suffered any accusation from an opposing party or their customers. We highly recommend that web developers and upcoming users of the web should embrace Web4Africa for a reliable hosting service and at a cheap price.

. Features of Web4Africa hosting plans

The following hosting plans leveled above have their respective features…

  • . Free domain name
  • . Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • . Unlimited database
  • . Free backups
  • . Unlimited addon domains
  • . Basic website builder
  • . Free SSL certificate
  • . Choice of Nigeria datacentre

Web4Africa also offers several types of hosting of which this particular hosting is very very not common to be seen with other hosting companies. We are talking about the cloud hosting in Nigeria.

A wide range of cloud computing and cloud hosting solutions hosted physically in Nigeria are now available from Web4Africa. From single cloud instances to virtual data centers to a fully-fledged private cloud deployment, Web4Africa has the infrastructure, manpower, and experience to support a wide range hosting cloud needs.

Web4Africa also offers local hosting in Nigeria.

Web4Africa offers the option of web hosting from a datacentre in Nigeria. We extended our web hosting infrastructure to Nigeria to serve residents of Nigeria thereby offering low-tenancy and reliable connectivity. Our servers and network are engineered for excellence with redundancy and resilience built into every layer.

We also offer web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting from our Nigerian datacentre presence.

It is considered that Web4Africa is the first web hosting company to offer web hosting physically from Nigeria. The choice of datacentre for web and VPS hosting can be made during the order process.

We are an interactive member of the internet exchange point of Nigeria and have directed IPv4 connectivity to the ISPs, carrier and other IP networks that are presently active on the IXP.

Web4Africa also offers several other web hosting solutions and they are listed below:

  • . Windows web hosting
  • . Reseller web hosting
  • . VPS web hosting (virtual private server)
  • . Dedicated servers

Wrap up

Web4Africa is NiRA and ICANN Accredited domain registrar offering .ng, .com, .org domains and a host of several others. You can pay them for their services using payza, skrill, bitcoin, PayPal, bank payment (GTBank and Eco bank), and perfect money.

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