Simple Ads placement mistake that gets your google Adsense disapproved or banned

Due to several happenings and disapproval of google Adsense accounts of publishers we deem it fit to share the experience we saw for few days as several publishers complained of placing ban on their various websites. We took a thorough check on the websites and found out that there was no reason for the google Adsense ban placed on their websites. As a result of the inability to find out what really led to the google Adsense ban, we decided to look up the google Adsense rules only to find out that these websites violated google Adsense rules as it was termed an invalid activity that led to the Adsense disapproval.

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Notwithstanding that their mistakes was amongst what we never seemed to take much seriously using the google Adsense, but it is in depth serious to acknowledge every google rules and regulations for using the google Adsense. Continue reading to see the little thing that can disapprove your google Adsense account easily.

The reason backing up the disapproval of the above stated Adsense publishers account is simply stated below;

Tricking your visitors to click ads, that is, to say using ads color that blend with your theme and doesn’t allow readers to take their own decisions.

We normally speak of attitudes of bloggers which is directed towards generating revenue from their visitors illicitly by decieveing them to click on their ads using ads that blend with their theme color. Let me quote google here “clicks on Ads must generate from genuine user interest and not click fraud” publishers who plan on going a long way with blogging and creating long partnership with google, publishers must adhere to and follow strictly the strict google rules and regulations for a better user making.

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Tricking your visitors to click on your ads is taken very seriously by google and can as well attract the same penalty as clicking on your own adverts by yourself. If you happen trick your visitors, you should know that when the invalid click detector in google is triggered, your Adsense account will be banned and cannot be reinstated.

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