buy adsense safe traffic; where to buy web traffic in Nigeria

Buy adsense safe traffic in Nigeria as a blogger.

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From the statistics of website posts being shared on the largest social community in Nigeria, it is proven that several if not 90% of Nigerian bloggers fall under entertainment, news, dating, fashion, health, education and entrepreneurship niches and few fell into the blogging tutorial, football, food, leisure, travel and real estate niches.

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This is as a result of considering the social status of the country and what the people in it wants to hear.

Now, driving traffic into these websites niches all round the state could be a very difficult task because everyone is busy searching out the high profiled websites whose SEO is impeccable.

Trying to get to the top of search results using SEO is a very difficult issue considering the level of non-originality seen in these website niches eg, entertainment niche.

As a result of the poor SEO result many websites experience in Nigeria, they seek other means of traffic which is in most cases gotten from sources which are not conforming to google Adsense rules and face the danger of being banned from the programme.

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Some example of traffic sources which is not good for Adsense are,, 10knewsletter, and some others. Instead of sourcing traffic from these illicit sources, it is considered more safe to advertise with a reputable advertising Network in Nigeria. No one said that since SEO didn’t work for you, nothing else will.

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In this post we shall discuss how to monetize the above tremendous niches in Nigeria using real human visitors and avoiding Bots traffic.

Principally use the biggest Nigerian social community (NAIRALAND)

With Nairaland, you can buy adsense safe traffic in bulk and keep your adsense safe.

For website owners who wished to source traffic which is high paying and converts well on Adsense you could create advertisement using how to place targeted ads on Nairaland and see the full guide.

After creating the advert, choose the particular section which conforms to your website niche and place the advert on the page.

NB; see the advertising payments per week and per day and also it is highly needed to consult the skills of a banner designer to design your ads for you so as to conform with the programme guideline and avoid disapproval of ads.

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It has been a long time anyone wrote about using Nairaland to source website traffic but instead they promote the use of software traffic sources like buying traffic from and several others, but neglecting the most important and the most vital social community in Nigeria.

Benefits of using Nairaland to boost traffic or advertise

  • Nairaland offers 100% visitors and no Bots involved in the traffic sent.
  • 100% Adsense safe. Website traffic generated from Nairaland is so genuine that it is termed 100% conforming to google Adsense rules and triggers no invalid activity in google Adsense.
  • Guarantee conversions. Since we spoke earlier mentioning Nairaland as offering 100% human traffic, it is also trusted in generating highest possible conversions from website visitors as they get interested with your ads.
  • 100% relevant and targetted visitors. When you target your audience with Nairaland advertising, your audience will be specific to what you are trying to target in your own website. When you have the right visitors visiting your website, you can increase the chances of your website visitors converting on your website and increase sales and revenue.

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Wrap up ( Buy adsense safe traffic )

Using Nairaland is the best and second to none when it comes to advertising and bringing targeted visitors to a website, specific to all the leading website niches in Nigeria as they constitute almost 2Million active members on daily basis.

Advertise with Nairaland and you’ll tell the success story.

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