How many ads spaces should you really allow on your website

As a result of the critics blog visitors normally present to blogs which run several adverts on their blog we have considered it worth talking about.

We believe that this guide will help bloggers which already have too many ads displaying on their websites to reduce the number of the ads going live on their websites and increase better user experience.

Basically, websites like Lindaikejisblog although one of the best and richest bloggers in Nigeria, have succeed in placing adverts on her website. Roughly 15-20 ads spaces are displaying google adverts and other ads publishing networks ads and this reduces user experience of blogs.

A good placement of ads on a website is highly crucial as it calls for returning visitors and increase in better user experience and not bug your readers with too many ads.

Website visitors do sometimes wonder if they are just here to view ads or to read important informations that are relevant to them.

Speaking of good ads placement on a website, see:,, and a host of several others.

Best ads placement on a website

It is highly recommended that ads publishers should not publish more that 5 ads spaces on their websites of which ads spaces above this recommended ads spaces is a cause for low CPC on Adsense.

Best places to place your ads on your website.

  • Below title of post

Ads do go below the post title and are one of the most effective ads to visitors and it enables the visitors to click on the ads if the find it interesting.

  • Inside post ads

Ads can also be placed inside the post to enable the reader to take a better action when it comes to reading out the full message a blog is trying to pass.

  • End of post ads

The is the last ads that appear after the post is read or at the end of the post. This also does best if it is 720*60 leader board.

  • Sidebar ads

This ads doesn’t convert too well on Adsense but it is a nice place to place your ads and make it better visible to your visitors to take relevant action. In most cases, affiliate banners are placed here so as to detail the affiliate marketing properly.

Some other advertising platforms that uses CPM can be places to a maximum limit on a blog so as to drive much conversion as impressions increases.

NB: placing too many ads on a website using google Adsense decreases the CPC of the said website due to many ads placement.

If you feel any other ads is appropriate pls do add yours…

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