Ultraclick Theme; Adsense Trick blackhat and Earning Trick

Ultraclick Theme for Google Adsense Blackhat.

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This Adsense Trick blackhat practice was specifically found to boost Adsense earning and revenue using the Ultraclick Theme.

The majority of Google Adsense publishers do not earn massively as they dreamt as a result of poor traffic and poor SEO setup which also includes less original website content. Before venturing into blogging, every blogger always has their mindset towards making money online.

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Speaking of making money online, they wish to make hundreds of dollars per month of working with Google Adsense.

At first, a lie will be told to you by everyone that whenever you start blogging and have live ads going on on your site with Google Adsense, you have made money which is not true.

  • Making money with Adsense is a very difficult task.

Adversely, this doesn’t seem to happen the way they wished it, so majority end up making a few cent throughout their blogging month which principally is about copying and pasting articles from other writers and using social media traffic to rank their websites.

Making money with Adsense is very much as difficult as anything can be but at the same time as simple as ABC when following the right route.

The majority of bloggers who do not make enough money with their website ads have ravaged a means to make close to any amount they wish with Adsense per day.

The invention of Adsense Trick blackhat…

Google Adsense blackhat hat is a hacking tool used to change the location of a user to another location, precisely, a web user in Nigeria using the black hat to change his/her location to Netherland, USA, Germany, England and another tier A countries of the world.

This change of location can only be achieved using the secured VPN to change the locations to the desired country.

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The aim of this country change is basically about ads clicks. The website owner who changed his/her location to another country can then click on his own website live ads consecutively without being tracked down by Google invalid ads click tracker.

Clicks coming from tier A class countries rank better in CPC and CTR which makes them gain close to $2.00 per live ads clicked and this clicks is continuous till the owner decides to stop clicking.

With this new procedure, no amount of money is too much to be made in a day just that it all depends on the owner.

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Yes truthfully, it will be very difficult for Google to detect if anyone was using the black hat and clicking on their own live ads considering the clicks is coming from another country but at the same time, the black hat users should as well anticipate that google is too smart about clicks and traffic that they will get their Adsense account banned once Google detects an invalid activity.

  • Steps to perform Adsense Trick Blackhat using Ultraclick Theme

I want to share a dead simple Adsense Trick Blackhat that’ll make you $50-$60 Per Day. It’s super simple and you don’t need to write a ton a content to make this work.

The method:

  • Step 1

Go sign up on https://employers.indeed.com/ (not my site/not affiliate link). It’s free to sign up. Remember to confirm your email.

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  • Step 2

Go to Linkedin.com and search for Job groups that have the highest number of members.

I won’t disclose the exact job categories I use, but Aviation jobs and nursing job groups for example have thousands of members.

This tells me that these kind of jobs have maximum demand and get searched more over maybe MBA Jobs or some other job category.

The idea is to find out highest searched job titles. You can use Google Adwords though for research.

  • Step 3

Set up a domain name with wordpress for a specific job niche – eg. 123Aviationjobs.com or 123nursingjobs.com etc.

  • Step 4

Put a high CTR wordpress Adsense theme that allows ad rotation and ad size change. I use the Ultraclick Theme from (not my site/not affiliate link).

  • Step 5

Once you have the Ultraclick Theme installed on your site, simply replace the 336×280 adsense code box with the 300×600 ad code from your adsense dashboard.

This code swapping will rotate your ads on your site and also create a column of advertisement beside the content area.

If you use TEXT ADS only from Adsense and swap the ad codes, you’ll have huge ad exposure without breaking Adsense TOS.

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This will boost your CTR to up-to 30%.

  • Step 6

Create content on your site in small snippets of text. These could be real job postings or you can make up something – use your creativity.

Think what kind of job posts job hunters would like to read.

Think exceptionally high salary and perks etc.

Put up 20-25 job posts on your site with the Adsense ad codes swapped.

This will create two columns on your site.

One will be Adsense ads and the other will be small snippets of text in the form of job posts.

  • Step 7

Go to your Indeed account and post free jobs related to your niche everyday. Indeed allows external site link in their posts.

Create a legit looking job description and then put your site link in the description saying “To Apply Visit yourwebsite.com”.

You can find real job descriptions from Monster or other job sites.

Post 2-3 jobs every day and you’ll see highly targeted traffic coming to your site.

This traffic will check out your Adsense ads like crazy because its super targeted and the Ad code swapping will create a complete Ad column on your site.

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Note on Adsense Blackhat using the Ultraclick Theme:

  1. Since these are free job posts they will get pushed back in the search results. SO, you have to keep posting jobs every day – as many times you want. You can repeat same job posts every couple of days.
  1. The theme I use (Ultra-click) allows you to change ad color and content color and blend them together. Don’t do that. In my case Blue ads and Gray content works best.
  1. You can use any other good high CTR Adsense theme that allows ad size change and ad rotation.

This method works even better than posting in Linkedin groups.

But, don’t get too greedy and don’t spam.

Indeed runs occasional checks and you’ll be thrown out if you spam.

You can get a bit more creative and add CJ affiliate links in your job posts on your site.

That’ll bring in an additional $15-$20 everyday.

I however stopped doing that because it tends to affect the CTR.


P.S: Please don’t ask me to share my Adsense reports or my exact job categories.

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  • Wrap up ( Adsense Trick blackhat using the Ultraclick Theme )

The dangerous side of this country location change (Adsense Trick blackhat) is that your Adsense will not be suspended as a result of invalid activity but will be disabled as a result of self-clicks on ads.

Either way, we urge every user of black hat to continue and watch their Adsense disabled in a matter of weeks.

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